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It’s not about what you’ve done, because life moves on. It’s about what you will do next, when the time comes. - @ownthelight

Remember, whatever part of your life you feed most, will ultimately be the strongest! So don’t act surprised if your dream isn’t a becoming reality! Whatever you spend time building, will get stronger and stronger. But if you only dream about being or doing something one day then it’ll always remain a dream.

One breath away,
from seeing him face to face 🙏🏼

Let’s be real, it’s hard to become what you want in this world!! Walking through all the bulls#*% and coming out the other side something that people don’t do a lot! I want to encourage everyone of you young cats that is trying to do something big. Remember, “it’s all in your head!” You will get as far as you allow yourself too! You will accomplish as much as you dam please if you work your butt off! A lot of times people that try to convince you otherwise are the ones that are scared to make big moves themselves! Don’t let people hold you back! #yourdreamsmatter

True friends are rare, cherish them!

Keep working at the dream in your heart and tell the haters to buzz off! -
Such an incredible weekend w/ @awesomenesstv humbled and thankful for all kind of opportunities...!

How many people in this video can you name?? #tagthem -
Been out here with @awesomenesstv for the last 2 days working on this and more 😋 what have you been up too?

Drop, drop, after drop... I know it seems like everything you are doing is only a drop at a time. It's hard to be thankful for drops of blessings. We all want it to come at once and hit like a waterfall. It takes one drop at a time and if your patient that bucket will overflow. Keep at what you are doing and don't let anyone stop you! Tell all your unbelievers and doubters to take a hike and that you'll see them on the other side! Work hard and don't let anyone tell you, you aren't good enough. If you practice and go at it, you can be the best... all depends on how bad you want it!

Out at VidCon for the next 3 days w/ @awesomenesstv // Here's what you're missing out on 😋

These last few months have been absolutely crazy for me.
Its been a time to learn and hear Gods voice more clearly.
I’ve put my entire social media life to a screeching stop. I stoped creating, I stoped posting, I slowed down on going out, only because I needed to. I needed time for myself…. I needed time to re-connect w/ my closest friends and to slow down in this social space so I can grow in something else as well. I can’t begin to explain to you how much God has been working on my heart and life. It’s been life changing.
I can not wait to share the big news with you guys on all the moves that I’ve been making. Addition of a business, that is taking off so fast we can’t contain its success. I can’t wait to show you the new wave of stories I’ll be bringing to this account. I can’t wait to tell you guys about all these things in the near near future. Just know, when I come back, I will come back harder then you expected and its going to be here to stay everyday! I’m all about evolving and growing, but in my opinion a person can’t do that if they don’t take a step back and look at their life from above perspective.

I love you guys and I thank God for your support and your love, I sure as heck don’t deserve it. I love encouraging you and I can not wait to keep doing that again soon. I love you guys! Vitaly K-

Prepping for big things 🐶 // @vitalykibenko

Being a leader isn't only about calling the shots, it's first about serving and getting out of comfort zone to help your team! It doesn't matter what you are going through, don't forget that your team is the most important! Keep them happy no matter what! When you have friends like family around you, success is guaranteed to follow! -
Thanks @kellansworld for the dope edit 🔥🤘🏼

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