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Ash☕️  👽 20 Witch✖️ 🌲🌸 Makeup enthusiast🎨 🔒Jacob has the key 💕


Today was the most perfect date day 😻 thank you @the_jacob_garber 💕


My forever Valentine❤️ today was fun, Happy Valentines Day everyone :)

Love of my life 💕

Today was a snowy success! Thank you @the_jacob_garber 💕💕💕

The thing that stands out the most when I'm with you is how much fun we have. I can't believe it's only been 2 months, so much has happened and it's all been amazing. Looking forward to many more with you 💕

I'm so thankful I started 2017 surrounded by love and laughter, I love you guys!!!


I couldn't imagine having this much fun with anyone else. Arizona is treating us well 🌥

I fucking missed you, you asshole 💞


Totally not last minute but hey 👍