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Owen Benjamin Of America 🐻  I may be wrong but I'm not lying. Be advised, since being kicked off twitter I treat Instagram like twitter. Check out unauthorized.tv

More anti Joe Rogan bigotry. Anti thumbatism. 6 billion joe Rogans are killed everyday by all of us and our children’s children.

This dude is a legend

Promo code “butt pumping war junky”

Sidekick bear came back from yet another coke bender in Tel Aviv when he heard the bear cave is almost ready to go. It was good to see him at first but I’m already sick of his secretive deep state shit. Livestream returns tomorrow

This black midget is trying to bang one of my alpacas!!!

Two men that didn’t understand each other

Democrats and neo nazis have finally found some common ground. The fact black people overwhelmingly vote democrat makes me think they have been completely broken. I know welfare is great and jay z gives them “props,” but Democrats don’t think black people should be born. If someone talks shit about white males once I’ll mock them for being short and gay for years. I can’t understand this level of self hatred.

Von Braun wrote a novel with a character named Elon who went to mars. I not only think Elon musk is a fraud, I think it’s a character invented by the architect of the moon hoax. It’s my birthday, wizard hunting is a little present to myself. Elon musk is full of shit and he profits from Tesla’s name just like everyone else did.

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