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Liz Custer  Undiscovered Trophy Wife TPA☀️->LA🌴 📺 Producer

Happy Birthday to my FAV, lil Jalita! Can’t believe I used to babysit you & now you’re 5 years older than the guys I date! I mean where does the time go?? It’s not always easy living up to this icon you view me as, but there’s nothing I take more seriously than being your hero. Hope this is your BEST bday yet...love you!! 😘🤗🎁 🎈 🎉

It was easier to get dates when I was a model.

I blame our mothers. @lindseynicole83 Family ting.

One day I’ll meet my soulmate....and he won’t text me back either. But there will always be one Valentine in my life. 📸: @jmy311

The last person anyone expected to have a dog 🙋🏻‍♀️ Like ever. And now I’m that ridiculous person annoyed anytime someone refers to her as just a “dog”. Best 4 years of my life 😍🐾 @_piperthefrenchie

“Omg no I’m totally not thinking about how this affects my person timeline AT ALL. There’s so much joy in my heart for you, I won’t even need a +1.”

It's crazy how fast they grow up. In a couple years I'll be dating his friends. #nephew

This was right after they told me I was their favorite child. #nochebuena

3 ex-Hooters girls walk into a bar

Home is where you still won’t get a text back from him. But your Mama is there to tell you the cell phone towers must be down again so you send another txt just in case bc moms are always right. And after all, technology CAN be tricky.🐊🌴☀️💕

“Not gonna lie, I’m starting to see why you’re still single.”

Another year, another 26 year old #killingit

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