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its been too long

i fucking love instagram πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

call of duty world war 2 is so fucking lit that shit is amazing and i love it

when i got my clout and when i started to become known by everyone in green acres it all started in december 2016 , only because of three reasons and that is , me dating new girls every literal month ( but they didn't give me the clout people just wanted to know why i was dating so many people at the time ) , me always starting drama and it became clout and when people noticed they would possibly get clout from the drama they just join in , and for last my glowup , but after taking my very first L 5 months after december i slowly noticed i was losing my healthy skin and friends and mainly clout , then 2 months after taking that L i just lost all my clout which sucks sure but i always miss green acres i made that shit something i'll never forget for me , but idk maybe ill somehow do something to get my clout back but i can say taking a break from all the drama and attention is nice but it does get boring after a while , i guess you can see from my perspective

same brodie same


these woman giving me everything so easily knowing i can't do the same so easily

im going trigger happy just 2 see my nigga's happy

you should feel blessed if i've ever post you on my spam or really anything like that it's like a special moment in history



i hate people like this like seriously its fucking cringey and makes me wanna die

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