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The spoils of having to work on a weekend. #galaseason

I Mean Loyalty!!!!! If you a real fan you understand.... #skysthelimit

You ain't a fan unless... you read this.., know who these people are and pod your respect to this location. #notoriousbig #biggiesmalls #christopherwallace #volettawallace #brooklynsfinest #brooklyn #hiphop #march9th #biggieday #biggie

The moments in life that transcend time will always be worth the effort to get there and capture them. Life in real time.... shot in London. FBF

Traditional Omakase Dining...

While admiring the beauty of the sculptures of Egypt, I couldn't help but feel hurt at the amount of times great statues were defaced and the physical attributes of the North Africans were removed. It didn't start and stop at the sphinx... It was a way of erasing a specific side of history when another part of the world discovered these great pieces to claim as their own. It's no wonder Hollywood has a mistaken presentation of this time period.

I used to want to go shot at the Met Gala every year it rolled around.... the I realized everything worth photographing was already in the museum....

I'm blessed to have some really amazing women in my life... but it all started with one that set the bar really high and I'm grateful for having such an amazing mother and grandmother in every part of who I am. Happy Birthday Mom. (Please don't ask how young she is.)

I always believe it's a blessing when someone is born on a holiday... One of my youngest cousins was the first to share a day with St Valentine and has lived her entire life with nothing but love in her heart! Toast to you on your B-Day V-Day! The Mister better have two gifts!!!!

I treated my lady on a "Just Us Day" This weekend. More than food and laughs we reconnected on a personal, intellectual, and emotional level because more than being the Queen of my castle she's my best friend. During that time we visited the Egyptian Exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The way Kings and Queens honored one another was a a thing of beauty and a status to strive for. Today I honor the woman who treats me like a King everyday. Thank you for raising our prince and helping give us the world God intended for us. Thank you for stimulating my mental well-being as well as the physical. I only hope to continue to live up to the example that you have set for me. #myfunnyvalentine

Brunch Date w/ my baby-Mama. #blendonthewater

The same person you would want to be stranded on a deserted island with, you should want to be snowed in with. #snowday

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