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Alvin -Strength Coach- Student  @apeiron_strength You were given this life because you are strong enough to live it 75kg 386/260/474 CPT, Underground Strength Coach, USPA Coach, CFSC

Squat: 275x3x3, 250x3x5

Nothing special just a deload week.

@terriboo621 @apeiron_strength

Deadlift: 450x3x3
Sumo Block: 435x2x5
Deficit Conv:335x3x5

Was not the best day of lifting but still got it in.
@terriboo621 @apeiron_strength

High Bar Squat: 225x3x10
Double Paused squat: 135x3x10

This suprisingly moved well. Still have not caught up with sleep an CNS is still not 100%. @terriboo621@apeiron_strength

Bench: 240x3x5 (First set six)

@terriboo621 @apeiron_strength

Squats: 325x3x3, 285x3x5

CNS fried from all the studying and lack of sleep but warmed up and killed it.

Did my core activation and breathing just how @50shadesofjay510 told me to do it and it helped relax my CNS and fire my core up.

@terriboo621 @apeiron_strength

Block Pulls: 435x2x5
Deficit Deadlifts: 335 (RPE7)x3x5

Had a great training day. Weights moved well and body feeling great. Eat sleep and recovery was good which helped a lot!! @terriboo621 @apeiron_strength

Narrow Bench Press: 205x4x8
Spotto Press: 155x3x8

@terriboo621 @apeiron_strength

High Bar Squat: 225x3x10
Tempo Squats: 145x3x10

Training wasnt bad but my allergies came up at the best time... couldn't breath properly but oh well.

@terriboo621 @apeiron_strength

Bench Press: 235x3x5
Tempo Bench: 210x3x5

Today felt heavy but got through it. And sorry coach I felt like I had a pause there when I was doing it... :) Managed to hide the camera at the raw for this last set lol.

@terriboo621 @apeiron_strength

Squats: 315x3x3, 275x3x5

Weight did not feel heavy but form felt like poop. What you think?? @terriboo621 @apeiron_strength

Deadlift: 435x3x3
Block Pulls: 425x2x5

Weight felt heavy but it looks fast. First video was only 2 I had to use the wraps for the last one (not recorded)

@terriboo621 @apeiron_strength

Narrow Grip Bench: 205x4x8
Spotto Press: 145x3x8

@terriboo621 @apeiron_strength

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