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It’s a slow-moving Monday but at least I caught a smidge of sunshine this morning before the rain comes in ✨. I’ll be wandering around in my @aquishair towel* sipping coffee and listening to podcasts until my brain decides to start working. How are you starting your week? *gifted

It’s a rainy night, but I’m dreaming about sunny spring days 🌼. But since it’s still winter, I feel like these cute little @bybibeauty boosters (gifted) will fit right into my routines. The set includes a strawberry seed oil, buriti oil and 1% bakuchiol in olive squalane - plus I love the small bottles bc oils tend to take me the longest to finish ✨. Now I’m off to a hockey game, which isn’t really my vibe so I’ll probably be sipping on soda, eating nachos and catching up on everyone’s posts 🤗. Happy Saturday!

A few essentials I’m taking into the weekend, feat. some #ohii staples ☀️.
🍊 daydream hand cream citrus tea: this leaves my hands so soft! And the citrus scent isn’t too overpowering, just sweet and fresh, with no greasiness.
🌹pure stick deodorant: I’ve been using this for a few months now and it smells so good & applies smoothly. I’ve had good luck with natural deos lately and this is one of them 👌🏼
💋 lip jelly: rose is my favorite - perfect non-sticky moisturizing formula
💦 also, it’s supposed to rain for the next million days so I’m going to take that as a sign not to style my hair and rely solely on hair clips for the foreseeable future.

What are you up to this weekend? I’ve got a craving for dim sum that needs to be dealt with asap 🥟. (all gifted)

It’s Valentine’s Day in case you couldn’t tell from the red and pink flooding your feed, but I don’t mind it tbh bc I’m into that color combo 💕. My husband is picking up takeout, I’m munching on chocolate, and then I’m going to spend 3 hours in my bathroom having a ridiculously long nighttime routine bc self-love, right?
♥️ @espressoh_official lipsticks: these creamy lipsticks smell like coffee! It’s an Italian brand that has some amazing deep chocolate brown colors that I’m loving 👌🏼
♥️ @theouai hair & body shine mist: it’s out today if you’re looking to add more glow into your routine! ✨. I like the way it looks on the skin, but since I’m still living in sweaters I’ll be putting it to more use come spring 🌼.
♥️ @soohyangofficial champagne supernova: sweet, fruity, subtle
♥️ @joyastudio prism candle in red tea: smells of ginger rooibos, and reminds me of cinnamon hearts - such a warm, cozy scent
(all gifted)

I feel like I’m late to the party (as usual) since most everyone has talked about the @youthtothepeople superberry hydrate + glow dream mask (gifted), but I’ll share anyways! I use sleeping masks as the last step in my routines, or depending on the mask I can sub it in as my nighttime moisturizer (that I’ll still top with oil). I love sleeping masks and use them often in the winter bc my skin needs that extra layer to keep from flaking away - it’s my best defense against waking up with dry patches, especially when I’m incorporating acids. I gravitate most towards sleeping masks that have a balm texture, but the YTTP one has a thick, buttery feel to it. When I apply it it leaves a matte finish which confused me at first since I usually go to sleep looking dewy af, but it does a decent job of keeping my skin moisturized through the night. After playing with it for a while, I prefer this as a “spot treatment” mask rather than all over. Usually when my cheeks feel a bit sensitive or I notice some textured spots on my chin I’ll add a bit for some extra hydration and nighttime treatment. Overall, I feel like this is probably best for those with combo or oily skin. When it comes to my super dry skin, I need more hydration, and am likely going to keep using this to spot treat on less dry days, or as a PM moisturizer. I do like that it doesn’t clog my pores or cause irritation, and it might be more suitable for me in the spring/summer! For the super dry skin people who have tried it - did it work for you? Any tips?

Chatting about Valentine’s/Galentine’s/Thursday in today’s #sponsored post, & whether you’re loving up on a significant other or grabbing drinks with friends, I’d recommend showing yourself a little self-care and self-love first 💕. I fully consider V-day a pamper night even if I’m just watching movies on the couch, so a spa moment with an indulgent lineup is definitely how I want to start my night (or most nights if I’m being honest). I’m currently indulging in a few @basdbodycare products, which are all organic, plant-based and cruelty free 🐰. Their crème brûlée coffee scrub smells good enough to eat, and just reading the name on the bag makes me crave a dessert tbh. It’s a looser texture that exfoliates with coffee, sea salt & coconut sugar, and hydrates with sweet almond oil. It does get a bit messy in my stand-up shower, but I do the very classy “brush them into the drain with my foot” method 👌🏼. A thorough scrub that leave my skin feeling hydrated and smooth but not greasy, and anything crème brûlée scented is obviously a yes for me. Their Sandalwood Body Wash has a comforting warmth to its scent, and uses aloe vera juice to moisturize. It gets nice & frothy, and my shower smells all woodsy and cozy. I finish up with the accompanying Sandalwood lotion that’s quite thick & creamy, and has the same spicy but soothing scent as the body wash. Nourishing, not sticky, and the scent isn’t too sweet or overpowering. All that’s left is to sit in my robe scrolling on my phone until I realize I’m 30 minutes late to my reservation 🧖🏻‍♀️. Are you celebrating on Thursday or staying in for some me-time?

An appreciation post for the @themarabeauty Universal Facial Oil (gifted) that has been a solid go-to for months. It’s not too thick, just the right nourishing texture that doesn’t sit on the surface, and plumps up my dry skin while brightening up the complexion. Full of plant oils rich in antioxidants and vitamins, this is the boost I need in my routines to fight the dullness when my skin is stressed. I have quite a few facial oils, but this one sticks out as unique in my lineup - which is probably why I reach for it so often. I’ve also been loving the Chemist Confessions The Better Oil, and just started incorporating the Votary Super Seed Facial Oil, but I pick and choose depending on how my skin is that day/night ✨. I remember my first facial oil I tried was the Josie Maran Argan Oil in a Sephora point perk and I was hooked - and back then I’d just buy the minis and they’d last a surprisingly decent amount of time (on my then significantly less dry skin). Do you remember the first face oil you tried?

✨ Sunday mood ✨ but also in denial that tomorrow is Monday 😓

I’m excited for today’s #sponsored post, because it’s a follow-up about some products I started using a couple months ago from @provenskincare! ✨ If you didn’t see that post, Proven creates customized skincare products (cleanser, spf moisturizer & night cream) based on an analysis of a skin assessment you take on their site. The assessment asks about your skin, but also your lifestyle and environment, and then they send you custom formulas of their three products. I love how all three products are very gentle and non-irritating and each one has been effective without any harsh side effects. I’ve noticed that using this set helps to balance out the more sensitive areas on my face, specifically my cheeks and my forehead where I tend to get more texture and breakouts. The cleanser leaves out alcohol or SLS, the SPF moisturizer is nourishing but not greasy and the Night Cream includes niacinamide – a few highlights which make for less redness and a healthier skin barrier. Overall I notice a more even tone with a less splotchy appearance, and less congested, bumpy areas. The cleanser has taken place of my gel/foaming second cleansers that are a bit too much for my winter skin, and has become my staple second cleanse (or AM post-workout cleanse). After making that swap, I’ve noticed the inflammation go down in my cheek area and the flakiness subsiding. The SPF moisturizer has been in frequent rotation in my AM regimen on mornings where I need some added moisture, and it adds some extra bounce and glow to the skin. I’ve continued to incorporate all three into my routines, especially when I feel like I need to go back to basics if my skin needs a break and some simple go-to’s. Because sometimes, the less complicated, the happier my skin is. If you’re interested in trying it yourself, you can use code results25 for a $25 credit (affiliate). #BeYourOwn

ad I The groundhog predicted an early spring, so I took that as a cue to dig into every bright, spring lip color I own 🌸 – which means the @rawsugarliving lip prep is in full effect ✨. I work from home, so a lot of times I’ll go stretches without a stitch of makeup (which can be totally great!), but sometimes a little lip care & a bright lipstick is the boost of self love I need to feel like myself 💕. The Lemon Sugar has been my go-to the past couple months, but now I can use their other delicious flavors that have the same nourishing ColdPressed ingredients. The lip care products help to soothe & moisturize my chapped lips, and for every product you buy, Raw Sugar donates a fresh bar of soap to a family in need!
I’m partnering up with @rawsugarliving to give 3 people the chance to win a surprise Raw Sugar beauty pack! Here’s how to enter:
1. Follow me & @rawsugarliving
2. Describe your self care routine using only emojis and tag 3 x friends in the comments below!
*Giveway is not affiliated with Instagram. Open to US residents 18+ only. Ends 2/11 @ 12pm EST.

I’m excited for a weekend with some family time and a little exploring ♥️. Here’s a couple things I’m throwing in my bag:
☀️ @ultravioletteau Queen Screen*: love at first application! And after seeing @ms_hannah_e raving about it, I had a good feeling. It’s SPF 50+, and has a milky, serum texture that makes it easy to apply in layers (which I prefer to trying to slather a thicker cream all over my face). It has a thinner consistency than Beet the Sun, and if that was too greasy for you, the @ultravioletteau has a lightly dewy, almost satin kind of finish (not greasy at all). It’s super lightweight and hasn’t caused any irritation or congestion. No problems with pilling, makeup sits well on top of it - I’m definitely a fan. They have hydrating and mattifying versions also which I’m eager to try!
👋🏽 @touchland hand sanitizer*: it’s amazing what more convenient packaging can do. A compact, sleek spray that dries fast makes me 100x more likely to use than a squeezy gel situation. The watermelon one smells like jolly ranchers and I’m into it 🍉.

The easiest way to get your body care routine up to speed? @necessaire’s The Starter Kit ($55). #necessairepartner The kit includes one scent of The Body Wash, The Body Lotion, and The Sex Gel – all products packed with vitamins, and grounded in being effective, clean & sustainable body and sex care for optimal skin health. I’ve reviewed all of these products before, but each are so thoughtful in their active ingredients list, gentle on the skin, and give me confidence that they’re giving back to my skin rather than taking away. You can choose a scent of The Body Wash (or go fragrance-free) to go into your kit – I’ve been loving the Eucalyptus because it smells so fresh and uplifting. Top up your skin with The Body Lotion for a nourishing and lightweight moisturizer, and find a home on your nightstand for The Sex Gel. I think the kit would make a lovely gift to someone (or yourself!) as a reminder to practice that daily ritual of self-care & self-love 💕. Your body care routine deserves beautiful high-quality products, and is just as important and necessary as your skincare. If you want to try the whole #necessaire line via The Starter Kit, check the link in my bio or the swipe up in my stories for 10% off your entire order! #careforyourbody #sponsored

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