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Out of Eden Walk  National Geographic Fellow and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Paul Salopek is walking across the globe in the footsteps of our ancestors. #Edenwalk

Paul walks through the bush at the Harike Wetlands, #India. // This week we’re sharing photos from our assistant Andrea Vale’s recent walk with Paul in northern India.

Microinterview with Mr. Singh, 55, carpenter and farmer: WHO ARE YOU? I’m a woodworker. I make furniture, mostly doors and shelves. Big things. I made a lot of that for the army base across the road. WHERE ARE YOU GOING? I’m taking these animals out to eat some grass. WHERE ARE YOU FROM? Right there—do you see that doorway? That’s my place. // Read more from Milestone 55 at the link in our bio.

"The first thing I noticed about India was the sacred cows wandering loose everywhere, and the second thing I noticed was women riding motorbikes. That wasn’t something you saw in Pakistan." After 5,400 miles, Paul arrives in #India. Read more at link in bio.

A man named Mohamad Ishfak dances at Lahore's busy Timber market, stomping atop lumps of clay. He is a maker of tandoor ovens. His rhythmic footwork turns the city sidewalk into a Punjab village. #Pakistan

Train watchers. Timber market, Lahore, #Pakistan.

Abdul Mateen, left, and Muni Zora Begun met as children fleeing the violence and upheaval of the 1947 partition of Pakistan and India. They have been married 55 years. #Pakistan

Lahore is the cultural capital of Pakistan. It was ruled by two fabled dancing empires: the Mughals and the Sikhs. Today its Walled City remains dotted by beautiful and ancient palaces, hot baths, and mosques. Alleyways are jammed with cars, ox carts, motorcycles, pedestrians, rickshaws. How this ceaseless tide of Lahoris manages to dance past each other is a daily mystery: a micro-migration of millions of souls from the outskirts to center and then back again every 24 hours. The government, overwhelmed, has inaugurated a Chinese-made metro, and is building an AI-assisted mass transit system to try to keep the buses on schedule. #Pakistan

Pakistan means "land of the pure" in Urdu. Thankfully, there is no such Pakistan on Earth like that. I miss the real one already. // After 700 miles of walking, Paul departs #Pakistan. Read a new dispatch at the link in our bio.

Leaving #Lahore, #Pakistan, for the border of #India with friend Mohamad Asif and walking partner @hunzaonfoot.

“Tear down the mosque, the temple, everything in sight.
But don't break a human heart. For that is where God resides.” Tomb of Sufi poet Bulleh Shah (1680-1758 A.D.), Kasur, #Pakistan.

"Yes, you have read a thousand books
But you have never read your own self
You rush to temples and mosques
But you never tried to enter your own heart"
—Bulleh Shah, 18th century

Wazir Khan mosque, #Lahore, #Pakistan.

Memorizing the Koran. Wazir Khan Mosque, #Lahore, #Pakistan.

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