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  lord knows the shit gets real

look alive
dt alexis & jaz
@t.itans @thick.ies

love u peep

β€” MERRY CHRISTMAS TAYLA LOVE U B πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹@arkhamstodd
hope y’all had a good christmas 🌠❀️

rhato rebirth β€” issue #16 πŸ’‹
ac Skotadi .fc on youtube
ib @s_ukuto
for bruce, tayla & @sadisticvaleska

β€” dc comics collab [58s]
thank you, participants :))
part one: @thick.ies
part two: @hero__edits
part three: @stellar.mess
part four: @robinsflash
part five: @outlswx [#dcpage #dccomics]

nothing to post so here’s my part to my cowabbb

happy birthday dingaling
ac shinra.edits

it gets brighter if you double tap
ac @bakuto.vine
for tayla

kinda scrappy
for julia, jaz & tayla

my dick fell offff
for alexis, alo & mira

we been knew

β€” the arkham knight
for jaz @thick.ies
like if u cried

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