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once upon a lana parrilla  ... i'll keep you wild • "is that...amy?" - sean maguire • lana parrilla is my lucky feather ; hugged lana ; 23.04.16 & 29.04.17


[ regina sacrificing herself for henry ] -
2x09 ; she didn't want to, she didn't have to, she could've chosen to let the magic stop emma and snow coming back, then she would've had henry to herself, like she claimed she wanted. but she didn't. she chose henry and chose good...
2x22 ; she wanted henry to be happy, she wanted to die as herself and prove to everyone that she didn't need "evil" in her name to be a queen. she was willing to risk everything - again - for henry. -
6x22 ; the evil queen who supposedly cannont love sacrificed herself to give the family she once wanted to destroy time to survive. so henry had his mother. -
regina/the evil queen's character development is so inspirational and like @lparrilla says : its taught me its okay to be flawed -
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that !! is !! what !! you !! call !! character !! develpoment !! -
watching season 2 scenes are making me so emotional, all regina wanted for henry to love her, and watching their story is so beautiful 😭 especially when he wrote the evil queen her happy ending, it just shows he knows she is always his mum, every part of her. she is his mum, always -
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i'm really sorry about being so inactive recently but i'm doing my GCSE exams so making edits isnt really the priority right now, but i do like making them to give me a break from revision so please comment edit requests/paralles/ships/characters you want me to edit so i have a list of what to do :) thanks x

[ zelena & her sass ] -
just a few of my favourite zelena scenes, i honestly don't know how i am going to say goodbye to her tonight. but this isn't goodbye for bex because i will continue to follow whatever she does next. i hope zelena gets the closure and the happy ending she deserves tonight, because she is wicked, and wicked always wins 💚
favourite zelena line? -
i love them all but either "oops?" or the iconic "wicked always wins" -
@bexmader #bexmader #rebeccamader #ouat #once #onceuponatime #mypretties #zelena #wickedwitch #wicked #wickedalwayswins

| thank you, rebecca mader | -
i don't know what to say, how can i sum up how much @bexmader has changed all of our lives? and now we have to say goodbye to not only one of the best characters in tv history, but the woman who brought her to life, who made us smile whenever we were down. i have to stop writing now because i am honestly tearing up so much, but like bex says this too shall pass and sooner than we know she will be on another amazing tv show, or a movie or maybe even west end singing wicked always wins. because this may be goodbye to zelena, but it isn't goodbye to bex because i will continue to follow whatever she does next, and i will always be proud to be one of her #mypretties 💚
dear @bexmader thank you, thank you for everything, i wish you the best and i am so sad zelena's story has to end but just know : no-one could have played her better. i love you and thank you for constantly inspiring me, for uniting me with my friends, for helping me overcome bullying at school and for coming to conventions and meeting us. i hope i can see you soon because you give the most wicked hugs💚
#bexmader #rebeccamader #zelena #wicked #wickedwitch #wickedalwayswins #ouat #once #onceuponatime #mypretties

- you're never fully dressed without a smile ; -
okay but look how happy they all are dancing, they are so happy and that just makes me so happy, their smiles are contagious. -
i love these three so much, their friendship honestly makes the world a better place -
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[ sorry i'm late parallels ] -
regina mills has the best character development in the history of characters, lana is SO dedicated and invested in her, you can tell she cares so much, she does so much homework and you can tell that this is her dream, she is living it. even in the musical episode how lana sounded so different when singing the evil queen's "love doesn't stand a chance" and her line in "happy beginnings" yet you know its her which basically sums up regina and the evil queen. i could talk for hours about lana and regina so i will stop annoying you all now ahha
#lanaparrilla #evilregals #reginamills #theevilqueen #evilqueen #ouat #once #onceuponatime

|| a happy beginning now is yours || -
i can't believe after six years it's all over. emma swan came to storybrooke not only to get back all the happy endings but so find her own, and she has. whether you believe that's with hook, with henry, with regina, with her family, emma swan is happy : like she deserves to be. she was an orphan, a lost girl but she found her way home so this isn't the end, in fact it really is her beginning -
and i'm not emotional about this only because of emma, but because of jen. she is such an amazing person who deserves the world. i can't wait to see what she does next because i am so proud of everything she has done so far. emma has found her happy ending, and this is the beginning of jen's. -
thank you for emma swan, thank you for once upon a time, thank you for being such an inspiration to so many. i can't wait to watch your next chapter @jenmorrisonlive
#emmaswan #jenmorrison #jmo #101smiles #jennifermorrison

[ Lana and Emma&Tilda @ SBUK3 ] -
one week ago @et.sq got engaged. i cannot express in words how much my heart melted watching such a beautiful proposal, and so did lana's...i am so lucky to have witnessed such true love and a representation of what this fandom is about : love. -
dear @et.sq ; i'm not sure if you would ever read this but congratulations and thank you!! as a girl who has struggled with her sexuality for so long, watching your love story unfold and then watching you get engaged has been such a blessing in my life that has made me realise so much. you are both so lucky to have found each other and i wish you the happiest life as each others wife. stay regal, amy💋❤️

"you're never fully dressed without a smile..."

we have been blessed these last few days with everything lana, honestly her interview was so sweet and she never fails to make me smile, gabby's question killed me about trina and regina and then lana went to hug that little girl and my heart melted💔SHE SAID SHE WANTS TO DO MUSICALS IN NEW YORK istg if she does im moving there, can't wait for the live on facebook tonight and then toronto con spam tomorrow aka bexana and SEAN

[ Lana's live 4th May ] -
OMG SHE IS SO CUTE BUT IM SORRY SHE KNEW WHAT EVERYONE MEANT BY "HELP" because she is too hot for our existence -
#lanaparrilla #evilregals @lparrilla

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