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Brian Dykhuizen says ... I am up at the Northwest Angle of Lake of the Woods in Canada. This morning I caught a 52" Muskie on a night crawler spinning harness with a single hook. Hooked it right in the side of the mouth. I fought it for over ten minutes and we had to try and get it in the walleye net. We got it in the boat and then it went right through the net. What a blast. I also have video to post later.

Let's go fishin. C'mon, hurry-up. There are ducks on the other side of the lake that need our attention.

@emiko_aesthetic17 caught a 4.5 pound largemouth bass out at Clear Lake in Southern MN

She knows the spots!!!

Caught these fish in the Bay of Green Bay, (Green bay, WI) using a crawler harness by @jakenbarr

A couple nice walleyes in the Lund out on Leech Lake by Walker, MN with @joepaquin of @leechlakeguideservice

4 pounder caught by @spencer.branch in Winston Salem North Carolina on a senko wacky rig.

Big 95 lb bluefin was caught on an Islander spoon trolling in the Atlantic ocean for yellow fin and it almost spooled reel until @1011mark got ahold of her and fought her for about 50 minutes untill she came rolling up to the surface and got her on board.

bass_slayer67 was at his buddy's party which believe it or not he was fishing​ in Trace Atkins pond. He caught these and a lot more on a chartreuse crankbait,17 total but his phone died so couldn't get anymore pics.

@cody_1996 was with a few buddys and was fishing Lake Atkins in Arkansas. It was a hot day with no bites and they were getting ready to head in. Cody wanted to try a few more casts out by this old stump in the water. He tossed a 10 inch solid black worm out by it and nothing.
So giving one last cast and he felt a solid thump with a drop. Cody waited a second then she exploded on it. It took took him what seemed 10 mins to fight her. Cody says she weighed 6lbs 4oz.

Take a look at that fish and tell us what YOU think?

She weighed about 6 pounds and caught her in brown wood Texas after a golf tournament that I got 3rd in. It was during summer just after dark and caught her on a frog by @jack_wehman

31" 11 lb Mississippi River walleye caught by a great young angler. .. @finley_holt_and_quentin_holt

This was caught on a deep diving jerk bait trolling on Lake Erie for walleye on a kinda cold day. And this was the only one @ohiobackcountry caught all day.
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