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All of our girls have been getting it done!! This is definitely one of my favorite pics!! @hannahbarron96 got her first rio and @mrsjessbond was there to celebrate with her!! Congrats Hannah!!

How cool is this?!? @kaitlynlowes got this giant hog off of her horse @kodak_the_appaloosa!!! She is goals!!

How adorable is @drabant_brittany with her longbeard?!! Love this pic girl!!

“Who’s excited for the weekend?! I know I am! Was hoping to get out and do a little turkey hunting with my bow here in MN but as of the moment I haven’t had any luck with scouting!
So for now plan B! Run more beaver traps or head up towards Canada to my Pops house to pick up and drop off some taxidermy work as well as my waders I forgot there 🤦‍♀️
What’s everyone else up to?!”

Y’all! Look at this shot of @krimsonfromkodiak and her blacktail buck!! Amazing pic girl!

Couples who hunt together stay together! Congrats @carlin.heather123 & @jesse_ralph8 for doubling on amazing birds!!

I know that smile!! In this case it’s caused by catching a beautiful rainbow! Congrats @kappieanne!!

The colors on @amhunter11’s Oklahoma bird are so pretty!! Way to go girl!!

Our girl has been getting it done on the water!! It’s all about the bass! Way to go @laikin.canik!!

Y’all go check out @brittlongoria’s page! She is promoting hunting and teaching how to stand up to bullying anti hunters! And how gorgeous is this leopard!!

How amazing is this pic of @agoody_27 with her axis buck!! Congrats girl!!

“Huntress is not just a word, it’s a way of life. It’s waking up before the crack of dawn to sit out in the cold for hours, it’s putting meat in the freezer, it’s appreciating the simple things in life God provided us with, it’s living your life to the absolute fullest. It’s not about the killing, it’s about the living!!! @tag_outdoors @truetimbercamo @sheoutdoor

This pic of @followherarrow is gorgeous and the story is well worth the read!

”Well it was a memorable morning hunt here at @mconofences with @wildliferstv to say the least. Everything went textbook perfect...kind of. 🙈 They had this bird and one other come hauling butt right into the decoys - attacking it and pushing it over. I pulled through my shot, only to hear a “click” and they both took off...
My gun didn’t cycle. I had shells in there but in an effort to load them quietly, it just wasn’t pushed forward all the way, I guess? Still not sure, it’s never happened before. My heart sank for a minute, until Pat sweet talked the hens over the 2nd time. The toms followed them right in to give me another chance. & then...
This happened 🤗 I’m on the board for 2019 and can’t thank @sbraman enough for this moment. I’ll put the footage in an upcoming #vlog so make sure you’re subscribed to the channel 👊🏻”

What a bass!!! Y’all check out this pretty girl! @britt_jill_ is always getting it done!!

“They say everything is bigger in Texas.... even the bass! 😳😳 Fishing in the afternoon, turkey hunting in the evening. It’s been awesome already at @shadowridgeranchtx!!”
📸 @rees.crosby

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