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200HR YOGA TEACHER TRAINING  Ξ” Welcome to outside of your comfort zone! Ξ” Yoga Alliance Certified Ξ” Located in Calgary, Alberta Ξ” join@amandakellyyoga.com


Jason Crandall

Your practice doesn't expect you to show up happy. Its asks that you be present. It doesn't mind if you are put together, or if you are a mess. You can arrive with a jumbled mind and a heavy heart. Your practice could care less if you can touch your toes or meditate for hours. It asks simply, that you show up.

Happy hump day! β™‘

Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up bring the biggest step of your life. Tip toe if you must, but take the step.

Congratulations to our yogis who just finished their 200 hour yoga teacher training in beautiful Costa Rica!
Doing what you love should be mandatory. The world needs you inspired, open and raw. Who made you believe that it wasn't possible to have anything? To be anything? Who made you believe that anyone, other than who you are, was who you needed to be? Stay in your magic, stay in your truth. Move towards whatever it is that ignites your creativity. Be a force for good, a force for change, a force love. Be whoever you feel like being -and be okay with it. Light the way πŸ’•
Amanda Kelly

B.K.S. Iyengar πŸ”₯❀


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Think about your life for a second..... is it what you want it to be? Now think about all of the people in this world that aren't as lucky as us to be born free and full of opportunities for growth... now how do you feel about your life? No matter what is going on, remember there are so many things within your reach. You just have to believe in yourself. Create a life you love. Ignore the worry. Get rid of the toxicity. Smile. You are beautiful. This is your life. Love it. @akellylife __________________________________________ #livinginthemoment #livelaughlove #livehappy #liveforyou #loveyourlife

You've come far.
You've worked hard.
You've done much.
Take a moment to give yourself the same love and recognition you give others.

Fall in love with taking care of yourself mind, body, spirit. Sundays are for self care, for taking time to recuperate from your week. We are always on the go, doing, doing, doing but stopping to refuel is as important as taking action. We sometimes feel guilty to stop, to just be. We think we might miss out on something important or perhaps disappoint those that are counting on us but it’s 100% okay to take a break. Instead of FOMO ( Fear of missing out) think JOMO (Joy of missing out). When we take the time to stop to take care of ourselves, we can then better serve those around us. We can get clarity on what truly matters, reassess what we need to let go of and take more strategic actions after. Self care is not a luxury, it’s essential if you want to live life to the fullest and reach your true potential.

Happiness is the new rich β™‘
Inner peace is the new success β™‘
Health is the new wealth β™‘
Kindness is the new cool β™‘

I've always used my pain to fuel me - I've made "your mess is your message" my mantra for years and have always found so much inspiration and purpose in my struggle and my brokenness.
A.K. β™‘

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