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Kelii Bandmann  Basketball is my PASSION and making a difference is my WHY -Basketball Development Trainer -Out of the Box Fitness Hawaii -Corporate Wellness

@mailagibson and I sampled @f45_training_kahala in Hermosa Beach this summer and it was so fun. Now it’s opening in Kahala! #HIIT #fun #fitness #fellowship

Precious babies🐶❤️ #mansbestfriend #cockerspaniel

Kiana can b sweet...when she sleeping😂. Enjoying her before @mailagibson comes home and steals all her love...lol

He is so sweet he makes up for Kolohe girls CRAZINESS😂

Can someone sell us a 3 bedroom condo in this building so they can have their own destruction proof room😂 Can’t go anywhere with these two knuckleheads....actually 1 knucklehead. Princeton is such the perfect boy. Kolohe girl😂 #cockerspaniel #brats @mailagibson

EMOME Lower body power day and conditioning. Tried to keep to a work:rest ratio of 40sec:20sec with 2min break between exercises
Section 1 : @versaclimber
Section 2: air assault bike
Section 3&4: A)Power clean B)Strict pullups C)max height wall ball D)double unders
#OUTwork #justmoveit

The calm AFTER the storm😂. Catching up on #WNBA finals. #ballislife

Busy week, momma’s gone, doggie sitter busy equals tearing up everything😂

Raffled two #InstantPots at today’s @uhahealth Amazing Race Challenge luncheon. #hawaii #corporate #wellness

Teaching people, including myself, HOW to fish! InstaPot cooking demo by @gcfhawaii . Carnitas Zone meal! Broke da mouth🤙 #corporate #wellness

Thankful for these guys ❤️🐶 #peaceful

Thankful for my Wifey @mailagibson who hooked me up with this ono turkey chili before she went on vacation. #InstaPot living up to the hype! #grindz

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