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Harry Potter  Some years ago I read this book about wizards and a magical school and somehow I ended up here.

Also, which username do you prefer (1) ourwizards or (2) butterbeers?

How would you guys feel if I turned this into a book account? (Dont worry, havent made any decisions yet... but I've grown tired of editing scenes from the movies, hence my absence)

My HP shelf (At least a part of it lol)
I also own the three last books in the original uk hardbacks, the four different edition of the 20th anniversary edition, the whole set in portuguese, the the first four books in paperback (the shitty american one), the first book in french & the fifth in that pretty edition that has the hogwarts castle in the spines

The chocolate frog I ate when I was in London last month :)

Game of thrones tonight!!!

Where are you from? 🌎 #harrypotter

I went to London for the first time earlier this month and it was amazing and yet very disappointing because I did not get to go to the HP studios because they were sold out (turns out I'm that stupid to wait until the very last minute to purchase them), BUT I did get to go to the overpriced 9 3/4 store at King's Cross station (gotta love capitalism) and spent almost £200 on useless but awesome hp shit :)

Holy shit I just realized Hermione's mom is Catelyn Stark #harrypotter (but hey guys, long time no posts! Sorry about that)

What's your name? 🌸

Hey... remember me??

Currently reading Lord of Shadows (finally!!!) #harrypotter

hey guys!! Don't know if anyone's noticed but I've been gone for a while, and in the meantime I started Game of Thrones, finished Game of Thrones, turned 18 and bought tickets to visit Paris and july (!!!)

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