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⭐️Jordan⭐️  🌈A colourful feed crammed with ideas to keep little fingers busy 👋🏻 @indigo_hart . This week’s theme: ✨n u m b e r s✨ . 👇🏻[our sensory shop]👇🏻

Morning ☀️I’m sam from @thenaturalchildminder 🍃taking over for the day! You will usually find us playing outside! We love the outdoors whatever the weather ☔️ #childcare #childminder #earlyyears #playoutside #letthemplay #accounttakeover #mudkitchen #gardenplay

Well that’s me done for the day, time to get ready for the week ahead.

Thank you so much to everyone that joined our adventures today and a massive thank you to the wonderful Jordan for letting me loose on her account today!

If you enjoyed watching today and fancy joining us on our adventures please follow us on @early_years_mummy we would love to have you!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend! Kate x

I have loved scrolling through all the fabulous number ideas over at #osk_numbers and there are so many amazing activities. This one by @thelondonplayden really caught my eye, particularly because of all the lovely sensory elements to it as well as the numbers and diggers. (Harry loves diggers!) I’m looking forward to giving this one a go!
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Number construction anyone? All set for today's number recognition activity #thelondonplayden #learningthroughplay #numberrecognition #sensoryplay #sensorytray #osk_numbers

✋🏻 Numbers ✋🏻 I hid some magnetic numbers in some sand and sprinkled some sparkly gems over the top. Harry has a great time digging to find them and matching them to the correct numbered pot.
For older ones you could find two numbers then add them together using the gems to help or you could see how many different larger numbers you could make using the different numbers.
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Hi everyone!
I’m Kate from @early_years_mummy and I’m really excited to be taking over Jordan’s account today.

I have been an early years teacher for 6 years and am mummy to Harry age 3.

Today I’ll be showing you some of the number related play we get up to at home using things from around the house or from pound shops. I can’t wait!

So from looking through all the #osk_numbers this evening this one really caught my eye 👀 It's such a lovely little set up for a 19 month old and when I clicked on it I saw it was by one of my all time instagram faves @minnie_and_me_childcare 💕 It's such a lovely sensory activity and after talking today about not having to make things too complicated I think this activity fits in lovely! .
I hope you found my #childcaretakeover beneficial! Thank you so much for having me and if you fancy seeing more of what we get up to feel free to give me a follow over at @childcare_adventures 💕
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Our final activity this evening was icing biscuits. Elsie could only use two sweets as decorations. She did really well and I was pleased when she used different sweets which means she understands that the objects don’t need to be the same. We have thoroughly enjoyed our takeover today. Thank you for having us Jordan x

I have loved looking at all of the amazing photos from the #osk_numbers theme. This beautiful picture from @themagicofplay really caught my eye. I love the use of natural objects to support children’s understanding of each numeral.

I’m Hayley from @entertaining_elsie and we are taking over Jordan’s account today! I am a mum of two children and I work full time as a Senco and Deputy in a mainstream school! At both home and school I love engaging the children in messy play and feel they learn so much from it. Today my daughter and I are going to be learning about the number 2 in order to make sure she has a good understanding of what 2 means so I set this activity up to help her learn to count to 2, identify 2 quickly and understand that 2 objects don’t need to be the same when counting. This is a great way to deepen her understanding and is based on a maths mastery approach we use in school where we do one number for 2 weeks!

Hi everyone 👋🏻 I’m Vanessa from @minnie_and_me_childcare and today I’m taking over this gorgeous account while Jordan takes a well deserved break with her family... 💕
I’m a mum of two, a primary school teacher until a year ago and now a childminder based in Lincolnshire. 🍃
As a teacher I spent 2 years specialising in early years maths so I was particularly excited by the current number theme @oursensorykids. This is a little activity from a while ago I did with the minis to bring maths and number outdoors. We matched the correct number of flowers to each numbered flower pot and had fun snipping them with child scissors to make them fit. 😍
I can’t wait to share some of your lovely number fun and will be sharing some of my favourites from the #osk_numbers later so please keep tagging that wonderful play! 🌟
At Minnie and Me, we love all things sensory, exploring nature and getting outdoors and experiencing learning and fun outside whatever the weather... today we’re out and about again and would love it if you joined us on our adventure! ... ✨
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Today we had a busy morning, out exploring in the woods with friends. This afternoon we have been busy playing and investigating numbers. We gathered together books we had with counting and numbers and sang number nursery rhymes. Then while Little has a rest I put together this sensory tray for her to play with!
She adores rice play so in with the rice I added magnetic numbers 0-5 but this could obviously be extended and adapted for older children. I added some counting cubes and shredded paper before giving her a magnetic wand to try and find the numbers. Little loves puzzles so I drew round each number before adding them so she could match them up as she found them. Little isn't three until later this year and is only showing early interest in numbers so it's all very much hands on exploring at this stage. The added sensory elements really kept her engaged and allowed us to use some lovely mathematical language.
It has been lovely looking after Jordan's account today and joining in with #osk_numbers, be sure to tag all your number activities!

Looking through the current tag for #osk_numbers there were so many wonderful ideas but this was a favourite from my friend over at @play_at_home_mummy exploring number formation.
This activity was part of the #bookishplay collaboration that I am involved in every Friday during May alongside some absolutely wonderful accounts exploring bringing books alive through play! Head over to my page @letsplaymama and follow along with the tag #bookishplay to discover lots of amazing book based play ideas!
This activitiy not only works on number recognition but also works those fine motor and mark making skills, number formation and counting!

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