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Kelly  Mom to 3. Wife to 1. And blessed, blessed, blessed!

This one. ❤️ This one who first called me Mom. This one who stole my whole heart with his first breath. This one who I spent day and night, night and day with. This one who taught me how to love another more deeply than myself. This one who makes being Mom a constant delight. This one who laughs, lives, learns, and loves with passion each day. This one who is full of gifts and talents and integrity and dreams. This one who makes me proud at every turn. This one. This one turns 19 today. How. can. it. be? Happy birthday, Elliot! ❤️🎂

This precious child ♥️ She was a bit of a wreck this morning on her first day of school. Honestly, we all were. A bundle of nerves and emotions. 😓📚 Here she is working hard to get in her zone and push through. One of our mantras is: We do hard things. 💪🏼 I guarantee that’s part of what she’s chanting to her spirit in this fragile, vulnerable moment. ♥️ She is brave. And she does hard things with grace and gentle stamina. You’ve got this, baby girl! ♥️♥️

Music music music. Everyday. Music with my girl. 🎶 🎼 🎵

All of his worldly possessions moving back into the dorm. #ThankfulTheRainStopped #ThankfulForMyBoy #ThankfulForBaylor But 😭. #SophomoreYear #SicEm

Have you ever met someone who could totally relate to where you’re coming from? Someone who “gets” your life? Meeting friends in the EBF3-HADDS family is a special treat. These girls. ❤️

I finally got to pick this one up from a week of camp. I missed him like crazy while he was having a GREAT time! @campsummittx #CampSummitTx

Such a great experience for these 2. Learning the skills, growing in confidence, enjoying the horses, loving the people... 🐴 #TherapyOnAHorse

Full house 🏡 Full heart ❤️ And so glad to see my boy #HappyMamaBear #TheMoreTheMerrier

A girl and her daddy ❤️

Camping ⛺️ out in the backyard. Glow bracelets, lanterns, pillows, toys, and the sound of bugs chirping (and cars passing by), and a happy girl.

Still managing seizures. The sanctuary was too much today so we watched the service from the nursing mamas room.