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Welcome To The Hair Posts  This is our old account, go follow the new one @ourbraidedposts

Elle and I have decided to restart the account so go follow it please! We won't post on this one anymore but we'll keep it up just because. Just please follow the new one! @ourbraidedposts

these are sooooo messy but oh well😂👽
- Elle💕

Another angle of the previous style❤️ ~Allie✌️

I did a Dutch braid into a fishtail that's rolled up into bun! It makes me sad I can't do styles like this on myself but this is always great to practice! ❤️ ~Allie✌️

This is so messy haha.
But anyway…

Same girl, two different pictures.
I just realized that I haven't been on this account in five weeks.
Good god!
Anyways, I hope you had a good– whatever took place between now and the last time I was on.
I'll try to be online more☺️

My beautiful stepmom married my dad last night with this hairstyle done by me! You can't see the not braided side, which is just pulled back. ~Allie✌️

Carousel braid 😊

Despite my newly shortened hair, I still got it!
I'm sorry we haven't been posting Elle and I have been really busy lately with preparing schedules and all that jazz. But really, we just haven't been braiding as much. I will post whenever possible but don't expect regular posts!

Sorry if you love our braids but they take time and it's the one thing I don't have ❤️. ~Allie✌️

Simple French Braid💭
Sorry I haven't been on lately, there has been a lot going on at home and such. Plus I got surgery on my back and knee so braiding will be difficult for a while. ~ ELLE💕

Hi guys! I apologize for not posting but as you can tell, I have a somewhat bob now! I have bangs and layers but you can't really tell with this hairstyle! It's a French lace braided headband! ~Allie✌️


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