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the art of slow living ☀︎◬・.・✺ ♡
we played a little game at dinner the other night: “if you really knew me you’d know _________.” This wasn’t my answer but it’s something that’s very true: I’m reaaallly good at getting everything I need for up to 2 weeks or so in a carry-on, and I even did a summer in Spain with only one bag!

I basically follow the “does it spark joy” approach when I pack.

It’s hard to ‘live slow’ when you’re lugging loads of stuff all over the world. Here’s a few things sparking joy for me, my poolside beauties:
* brocade mules from India from @shoplekha
* my orange calcite crystal (for creativity!) from @shopcrystalheart
* these chic little sunnies from @shoptecnola
* my camera of course! 💫✨

Tell me something about you! A packing secret or something more!
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I’ve spent the last year or so saying “no” more than “yes” - finally committing my time, and my life to the things, people, causes and experiences that do something good for the world. ✨🙏🏼

A good practice for me is to do a quick energy check after I’ve engaged with someone or worked on a project of some sort – basically considering if I feel energized or drained after it’s over. Give that little practice a try when deciding what to say “yes” to.

These moments in Colombia have been a big ol’ YES! So happy to have an opportunity to connect with the beautiful souls I’ve met here (@lihiyogini, love you)! Wishing you all a beautiful day filled with lots of joy! ✨💫 ___________________
#mystication #yogascapes #gratitude #gltlove #colombia #ethicaltravel #postcardplaces #prettylittleiiinspo #tlpicks #ecotravel #slowliving #spiritualist #gypset #wearetravelgirls

This week in Colombia I’ve been spoiled with private beaches and gorgeous seascapes — little moments of luxury that are imprinted in my mind. With this has come lessons and reminders about how fragile our planet is and how much we owe it to Mother Earth to care for her. 🌎💫

If we wish to continue to enjoy this beauty, it’s so important to consider our footprint. An easy tip: think about how you travel - swipe to see a mountain of plastic bottles I came across on my way to the river. How simple would it be if we each committed to eliminating single use plastics in our daily lives?

On the third slide, you’ll see our @yogascapes group with Mama Augustine. “Mama” is the word in Kogi for tribal elder, or Shaman. The Kogi are an indigenous tribe that believe they are on this planet to protect Mother Earth. I’m so grateful for the ceremonial time spent with Augustine, his people and Juan (his student - and one of our guides - standing on my left). 🌿🙏🏼

I’d love to hear ways you green your life. Much love from Colombia! #mystication #ethicaltravel #colombia #travellove #kogi #tayrona #ecotravel #yogascapes #goopgo #postcardplaces #theglobewanderer #gltlove #gosomewhere #tlpicks #gratitude

One of our guides here in Colombia said something the other day: “I have many things – coconuts, bananas, avocados...” later he added: “I may not have lots of money, but I have lots of time, a big fish, a beer and my wife, what else could I ask for?” 🙏🏼✨

That’s a philosophy I can get behind. Keeping life simple, caring for the earth and letting things like coconuts, a fish and someone you love be your most prized possessions.

I’m soaking these lessons in, so grateful for every moment. 📷: @lihiyogini #mystication #yogascapes #manifestation #ecotravel #wearetravelgirls #ethicaltravel #gypset #goopgo #colombia #slowliving #travellove #spiritualist #prettylittleiiinspo

☀︎❥ Chasing sunsets, waterfalls, the occasional WiFi signal and a couple of adorable golden retrievers too. ☺️☺️☺️ My first few days in Colombia with @yogascapes have been a dream. We’re putting in the work: mind, body and spirit, and cleansing the soul with lots of sunshine too!

I’ve decided that the mule is my spirit animal of 2019 (don’t tell this pup Milu 😉) - meet Rocinante, the mule making several cameos in my stories today. Does anyone know where the name “Rocinante” comes from?!

More from @gitanadelmarbeachresort and Colombia coming all week long! xx! #mystication #yogascapes #manifestation #gypset #colombia #tandctravel #goopgo #ecotravel #ethicaltravel #wearetravelgirls

Yesterday I picked up my first new passport stamp of the year. ✈︎☼
There’s a quote I love: “if you don’t prioritize your life, someone else will.” In this first 6 days of the year I’ve been making daily lists of priorities - not necessarily goals or resolutions but moments and experiences I want to bring more of into my life. And of course places I want to see!

I’m spending this first full week of the year in #Colombia at @gitanadelmarbeachresort with @yogascapes. As I cried those sweet little tears this morning that seem to happen anytime I see a new place for the first time my heart swelled up so big! How’s your heart this first Sunday of the year loves? ♥ // #mystication #yogascapes #gypset #manifestation
#spiritualist #travellove #slowliving #theglobewanderer #tlpicks #goopgo #fodorsonthego #verytandc #gglocalgems #abundancemindset #prettylittleiiinspo #selflove #welltravelled

Plant your seed ☾✭ // I love the word “new” — I love the new year, I love new moons too, and new days and patterns and thoughts ... it’s all a chance to create something fresh.

We’re starting our day with a renewed routine at my house: coffee, journaling and then yoga before getting into the business of emails, scrolling, phone calls etc.

I’ve also been making lots of lists the last few days: classes I’ll take, books I’ll read, things I’ll make, people I’ll send letters to... what’s on your lists so far friends? Sending lots of love as holiday vaca comes to an end! 🙏🏼✨// 📷: @elle.hendrix #mystication #manifestation #spiritualist #gypset #abundancemindset #newyeargoals

♡ ◬♥・.✺✭・.・✫・゜ Reminiscing on the love and joy, and things that made me smile in ‘18:
french press made too strong, silky hair bows girls wore in french films
nights with a blanket heat that get the blood flowing
unspoiled nostalgia
bare feet in the dirt
the tippy edge of the rocks on a seashore (can you believe it's so vast out there?)
riotous music, the kind that vibrates on your heart
dancing with arms wild
this one cosmic cowboy
the miracle of sunlight, every single time
fireside storytelling & brooding rainfall
the tallest tree touching the sky and willing it to keep growing!
tying hair back with twine
a messy braid, like we wore when we were 5
stories of the constellations & singing way to loudly to the stars 
ancient illustrations, finding the history in that
stardust at night and glitter by day
wild horses - because we should all be equally untamed. 💫
What little things (and big ones too!) brought you joy in ‘18!? Much love, celebration and energy to each of you as we dance untamed into ‘19! xx 📷: @plume_creative_ x @pangeadreams #mystication #bali #bestof2018 #awanderfullife #gypset #manifestation #spiritualist

... the last Sunday of the year. ✿ ✿ ✿
This year I embraced the mindset of dolce far niente: “the sweetness of doing nothing.” It’s the idea of slow living, lessening the busy and embracing nothingness - and it’s taught me how to feel the moment in a deeply special way! ✨

How are you all spending this last day of the year? Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing - I hope you let that sweetness flow! xx // 📷: @samkat x @pangeadreams #bali #mystication #pdtrbali #gypset #goopgo #manifestation #spiritualist #travellove

❂♥ Places that stay with you 2018: Bali! // Just like us humans have energy centers mama Earth has hers too. 2018 marked my first time in Bali, and if you’ve heard that the island is an energy vortex - there’s reasoning for it! Bali sits along ley lines: invisible lines with deep power and energy, connecting sacred sites throughout the world.

I knew I’d fall in love with Bali on day 1, and feel so lucky to have had such a beautiful few weeks there! ✨🙏🏼

Scroll right to see some fun with my friend Gede, as we traveled along the rice terraces one afternoon. 🌱☺️ #mystication #bali #balibaby #gypset #welltravelled #bestof2018 #spiritualist #manifestation

✈︎✺ There’s a few days left in the calendar year and this Capricorn rising girl is feeling deeply reflective and so grateful. ✨🙏🏼 Ben often describes me as an eternal optimist - and I’d like to think I’m simply eternally grateful.... Grateful for everything I’ve learned, every high and low, every experience and adventure, and for taking chances and gaining the confidence to trust in myself.

I’m grateful for new friends made, and old friends held onto so tightly!

And, perhaps it’s not said enough: I’m so incredibly grateful for each and everyone of you here - I’ve made lifelong friends from this platform, I’ve been inspired to travel to new places, and hopefully shared that inspiration back with you. This photo is from one of my favorite trips this year to San Miguel de Allende. I’ll start ‘19 heading south again: to Colombia and then back to Mexico! We never really know what’s next in this life, but I know I’m looking upward and onward! xo! 📷: @benalleman #mystication #sanmigueldeallende #mexico #gypset #awanderfullife #prettylittleiiinspo #travellove

Merry merry from my sweet love & I. Hope you all had the most magical day! 🎄✨💫 // #neworleans #gratitude #abundance #mindfulness #spirituality #spiritjunkie #selflove #loveandlight #thankful

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