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Andi Eaton: Traveling Creative  ✎❥ creative consultant & conscious blogger I help creatives grow through holistic living, mystical thinking & travel. ⇟ ⇟ learn more & work with me!

What’s taking up space in your mind? ↠

When the weekend hits do you suddenly feel lighter, like you can finally breathe?〰️〰️

I’ve been doing a few things lately that have given me a sense of calm all week long - I thought I’d share with you! ✨

1. No mindless scrolling. I’ve been doing a workshop this month and in it there’s an assignment to identifying the things that we use to numb ourselves. The apps on our phone can sometimes be that. So when I find myself picking up the phone to scroll, I consciously check in on the accounts I love and then find something else to do that expands me rather than numbs me. 🙌🏼❤️

2. I’m reclaiming my mornings as my own. As someone that works from home it’s easy to roll out of bed and get straight into emails, texts, etc. I often work until late in the evening, so my general rule is no emails until 9 AM and client meetings start at 10. It gives me time to settle into the day with a sense of structure and allows time for my morning rituals.

3. I am a serious advocate for intentional work, which is the opposite of busy work or frantic work, things take time so give yourself the space you need.
This past week Ben and I were hosted at @reservethemountain.🌲☕️✨ If you’re looking for a place to breathe easy, reset your intentions and get out in nature this is the place. The design aesthetic is ahhhhmazing, and if you’ve never used @airbnb DM me and I’ll send you a discount code to book! ❣️❣️❣️
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That beautiful blue on the horizon, coffee and cake for breakfast, a warm mountain breeze - thank you for this @reservethemountain!

Over the last few mornings as the sun rays bounced into the bedroom I reminded myself to let my surroundings be the only thing pulling me in. 🌲

“Surprise!” I’ve said to Ben every morning as I drew back the curtains - mostly because I’m reminding myself how incredible it feels to wake up, let my eyes drift out the window, my mind only on coffee and fresh air and nothing else. ☕️✨

Normally the the things that pull me when I first wake up: my upcoming creative immersion program, my client work, blog projects, emails that need answering, the texts that come in over night, you know that story.
What’s the very first thing you do in the morning? For me, I’m committed to more time spent on my surroundings and less on the to-dos. There will be time for that stuff - but these early mornings will be all mine. 🙏🏼
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We’re still out in the Smoky Mountains enjoying last moments of vaca time 🌲❤️, but over on @hobotheoriginal today I’m taking over their IG stories to share a peak at some of my favorite places in #Nashville.

When I was writing my book “Wanderful” of course I included Nashville in the Rock ‘n’ Roll highway chapter - because, duh, it’s Music City. ☺️🎸🎹

If you’re interested in visiting pick up my book, or search “Nashville” on my blog (there’s a tour of my favorite vintage and music halls on the blog) or go take a look at the Hobo stories today! ♬✺ #hoboxnashville
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This little off grid(ish) adventure we’re having has been so special. ↠
I travel so much for work, like really alllll the time. But taking a few days away with my best person is like nothing else. I even set an OOO message on email, and I never do that! 🙌🏼

When was the last time you truly disconnected? If it’s something that’s super hard for you, I feel you - I’ve had to practice setting boundaries and phone time rules for myself - it’s worth it! ✨🌲
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It’s full moon ritual time. ❅ ❁
And if you ask me Spring rituals are especially magical. This full moon, known as the “flower moon” because of the time of year — the blooming season, marks a time of increased passion, fertility and creativity. So contemplate those projects you’ve been dreaming of giving birth to and set some big, brave intentions!

There’s a post about how to do your own full moon ritual linked in my stories so go take a read if you wanna try it out.
We’re taking off for a few days tomorrow - first a festival and then we’re celebrating Ben’s birthday in the mountains, it’s our first trip like this together in a while, yay yay! Sending lots of love to you this weekend! xx, Andi
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Open your heart. ♥ ✿ ⋒
Over dinner at my house last night we talked for at least an hour about how to release the layers of stuff that gets caught up inside of us. For me, sharing stories is a part of who I am, listening with my whole heart and surrounding myself with people who do the same is equally who I strive to be. When the really good stuff shows up it’s because I had my ears, mind and heart wide open.

I think now more than ever, we’re going to keep seeing brave humans showing up, owning their personal darkness and creating a light and a listening for others. ✨

Something I’ve learned: it’s hard to be held down when you can’t be shamed, belittled or humiliated.❣️❣️❣️
So just leaving this note here. Share your stories when you’re called to, and listen equally. We are all in this life together. p.s. my second blog post in my shadow series is up on ouiwegirl.com. much love! xx - Andi
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I ♥ creatives.
I ♥ artists.
I ♥ travelers.
I ♥ entrepreneurs.
I ♥ people who give a f about this world - it’s the artists, seekers, lovers and doers that are on the rise to make this planet shine.

You too? I have 2 summer internships available, one in creative & one in digital. There’s a link in my stories for details on how you can apply. p.s. The internship will include working my Creative Immersion program, working on creative direction projects, blog projects and more (so you’ll get all that knowledge while learning so many other things)!

Tag a friend who this might be perfect for.
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It's been a long time since I've shared an in-the-moment photo from my current home - Nashville! This city has been so good to me - I came here often the summer I was writing "Wanderful" and have called Nash home for the last several years.

Days like today are my favorite: the sun is shining, I've been bouncing around town catching up on errands and just settled in for a coffee at one the cutest cafes (there's so many good ones here!). 🌞☕️

I partnered with my favorite bag company @hobotheoriginal on their Modern Day Hobo x Nashville campaign and will be sharing a few of the vintage shops, dive bars, and music venues included in the Rock 'N' Roll Highway chapter of my book in their stories this coming week! ✨

I love that Hobo loves supporting artists as much as I love hanging around artists. This city is full them, and man - I’m so into that. I've linked my backpack in my stories if you'd like to check it out, and if you still don’t have my book I’ll add a link to it too! 🥰📚💼 #gifted #hoboxnashville
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How many cans of paint does it take to paint the masterpiece called YOU? ⋒ A mantra I go to when my head starts to swirl: “I am the artist of my life - creating a masterpiece - I live life with bold strokes.”
That’s where the power lives, when we pry the lid off and dip the brush in for the first time. When we go all in. When I think about the times I’ve had big wins it’s been when I’ve simplified my thinking, got out of the ‘busy’, trusted my intuition, and told the fear to STFU. 🙅🏼‍♀️🙌🏼

My Creative Immersion Program in New Orleans happening this fall will tackle all of this, and will do so with seriously bold strokes. It’s the program for you if:
♡ You’re pursuing your own entrepreneurial endeavor for the first time or are at a creative crossroads.
♡ You believe in the foundation you’re building and are ready to trust in yourself to reach the next level.
♡ You’re on a path of saying YES to your creative gifts, and need to design a plan to share those gifts with the world.
♡ You’re taking a leap and as you implement you’d love guidance on which way that brush should go.

Want to join me (and some seriously incredible creatives taking that same inspired action)? DM me and I’ll share details and a VIP code for my IG fam, there’s a few spaces remaining!
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I’m presently cozied up on my couch in Tennessee, not looking out on the horizon at the ancient ruins outside of Oaxaca. But I’m reflecting.
These moments at home have become so precious to me, and yesterday as I arrived home I thought: this week has been one for the books! In the spirit of reflecting, and gratitude here’s a few things that happened this week that I’m so thankful for:
✧ speaking on the mainstage at a beauty industry conference (a dream!), the topic: storytelling in the digital world. I shared my thoughts on Instagram, and how this platform is making a difference in so many ways.
✧ seeing the @apartmenttherapy feature on @benalleman & my home come out - I’ve watched the video at least 10 times!
✧ having dinner back home in New Orleans, seated next to one of my very best girls and catching up with so many people I love.
✧ arriving home on Friday, knowing it would be only one more day before Ben is home too!
When you look out on the horizon, what do you see out there? Spot those moments of gratitude and share them! Happy weekend friends! xx
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In honor of the cinco celebration I got all sentimental this morning, poring back over photos and videos of my trips to Mexico over the last year. 🙏🏼🇲🇽 ✈️
Here’s a little video montage - moments from Oaxaca, Mexico City & San Miguel de Allende no particular order! Watch through the end to get a little taste of family life... Singing and playing music with family friends in their home in San Miguel de Allende! Much love Mexico! ❤️❤️❤️

My favorite moments while traveling ↠
the people. ♥ ♥ ♥
Nope, not the food, not the shopping, not the days by the pool, definitely not the dash to get from location to location to snap photos (I rarely think of that anymore - and it will take the heart out of an experience if that’s what you’re in it for).

Speaking of people and heart: my friend @amandabjorn (who I traveled with to Cuba!) is leading a Cuban countryside trip next month. With the possibility of US travel to Cuba being restricted make it happen if you can. ✈️✨ Much love and happy weekending! xo! 📷: @mollychoma
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