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Andi Eaton: Traveling Creative  ✎❥ conscious blogger & creative consultant I help creatives find confidence through mystical thinking, holistic living & travel. ✈︎ CA, TX, AZ next

This morning I had a pop up from my favorite #astrology app - it said: “if you’re motivated from a place of feeling unworthy, even if you do exceed your expectations, it won’t change anything. You could spend your whole life striving for something that’s unattainable. Nothing external will deliver the self love you’re looking for, only you can do that.”

Whew, did that hit home. Ive got a busy week: goals to hit, deadlines to achieve and if I’m being super honest: putting your creativity out there as a J-O-B means sometimes things can feel extra harsh.

As I stepped off another flight, in another city I made a conscious decision to get grounded, reconnect to the moment, and remind myself that I’ve got everything I need already inside. 🙏🏼✨

p.s. sharing this photo simply because it makes me smile! ☺️🍍@carolinevoyages & I shopping in #Havana - swapping stories with the fruit cart gentleman about life, travel and running your own little business. 📷: @mollychoma 💞
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You know how much I love to explore the world. But something I love to explore as much: fearless creativity.

I’m so excited to share some big news! This fall I’m hosting a Creative Immersion back home in New Orleans. It’s designed to help you level up your creative business, whether you’re just getting started or have been at it for a while. ✨
We’ll work together to:
✧ uncover the vision of what your life (without fear!) looks like
✧ craft your authentic story
✧ manifest your dream clients
✧ build a strategy and launch plan that stands out
✧ create a revenue plan from scratch
✧ up your digital exposure
... and much, much more.
The immersion is for creatives of all types! Writers, makers, teachers, photographers, musicians, designers... anyone interested in living a more location independent lifestyle, while building that dream life.

I’ll give you the low down on how I started my first business - what worked, what didn’t, and how I finally launched something that had the roots to grow. Want to know about getting published, or growing your client list, or getting sponsored deals - we’ll walk through that too.

Space is super limited, visit ouiwegirl.com to hold your space or send me a DM! 💞💞💞
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Things that look prickly and scary on the outside can carry so much beauty. 🌵💞

Okay so earlier this week I did a story Q&A and the thing that came up over and over again: FEAR.

Here’s what I know about fear - sharing your creativity and putting yourself out to the world is SCARY.

Being scared out of your mind and filled with nerves and overwhelm is totally NORMAL. Feeling like a total imposter — yep, so incredibly normal.

I shared this quote from “The War of Art” in one of my retreat workshops last weekend: ‘Asking yourself (and your friends), "Am I really an artist?" chances are you are. The counterfeit innovator is wildly self-confident. The real one is scared to death.’

Does this resonate with you? Helllloooo, me too! We all feel that sometimes, we all feel like an imposter, we all say to ourselves “who do I think I am to step out into the light and share my gifts?!”

What I love about this space and community is that if you’re here, on my little corner of the internet - it’s a safe one. Share your art, tell your story, shout out your dreams from the rooftops. I wanna hear them! You have created a safe space for me over and over again (whether you know it or not), thank you thank you thank you for that! 🙏🏼📝🔮✨
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I’ve been answering lots of questions in a Q&A I shared yesterday. ↠
It’s all about being your own boss, entrepreneurship and starting a creative business. ✨

Go jump in and ask me anything if you’ve considered taking that leap and have some nagging things swirling in your mind! I added it to story highlights too. Or, leave a question below and I’ll answer here as well!

p.s. @benalleman and I took a little road trip detour on our way back to the Cali coast the other day. Here’s a snap from Salvation Mountain 🌈🌈🌈 - I’m a “always take the slow road” type of gal. What about you?
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Bloom baby bloom 🌼✨

A little real talk, something I’ve been thinking about lately: everyday I see people getting emotionally tied into the stats on this app - I’ve 1000% been there, letting my self-worth get out of whack when the numbers were not where I wanted them to be. Getting that dopamine rush from the likes (yes, there's science behind it) can make you feel special, but likes don’t necessarily pay the bills and definitely don’t define who you are.

I love this app for so many reasons: community (I’ve met AMAZING women here), creativity, mind-expansion and so much more.

However my first rule when it comes to Instagram: open it with good vibes only and the second something (or someone) on the app brings you down, get out.

I truly don’t believe you can use the app to grow your business (if that’s what you’re here for) if it makes you feel bad — at least not easily. If there are any triggers firing in your mind when you get on insta, address what that's all about first. You deserve to bloom! Let this be a place that facilitates your growth, the end! // 📷: @elle.hendrix at @forageandwander ✨🌵🔮
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Moments like these 🧘🏼‍♀️🔮✨

This weekend has looked like this: lots of flow, exploring creative gifts tucked deep inside and evenings in meditation and yin yoga - thank you to @joshuatreecandleco for setting the mood!

We had a private soundbath at the Integratron, hiked @joshuatreenps and caught the sunrise this morning. 🌅🙌🏼

My heart is full, my mind - softened, my body - grounded. Thank you to all of the @forageandwander ladies for such magic! ✨✨✨ 📷: @elle.hendrix
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Desert dreams 🌵✨ // Last summer this whole idea came to life. The goal: host a retreat in the desert for creative women with the goal of expanding intuition, opening up the mind and body and connecting deeply to the manifestation magic out here.

As I lead my first @forageandwander workshop yesterday I looked at the women here and realized what a manifestation they are for me! // More to come, follow along in stories to see what we’re up to! 📷: @elle.hendrix
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Mornings in motion. ↠
Yesterday was a doozy of a day. Ben and I left the house at 4 AM, the airport lines were the longest I’ve ever seen them, multiple US airlines had an entire system outage and by about 6:30 AM I was sure we wouldn’t make our flight to California.

It was one of those mornings where I kept reminding myself to just focus on breathing.

Fast forward: by 10:30 AM we had made that flight, were having a late breakfast by the beach, the sun was shining, the coffee was delicious. Everything worked itself out and I was grateful that we both had kept our calm during the travel madness.

Getting up so early reminded me of this day in Cuba ☀️🧡 - @mollychoma (who took this incredible photo), @carolinevoyages and I took off to catch Havana in motion as the sun came up and the city streets came alive.

Sometimes these early mornings payoff. 🙏🏼✨
So now I’ve made it out to Joshua Tree to finish prepping for the @forageandwander retreat - I can’t wait to meet the women who’ll be joining us (and see the ladies I already know too)! I’ll be sharing lots from Joshua Tree this weekend! 🌵🌑🧘🏼‍♀️🔮
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“I've got nothing to do today but smile.” — ♬ simon & garfunkel // wishing you all a vibrant, happy day!
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A sunrise and then a sunset ↠
always make the most of it.

Waking up this morning I can’t believe how fast these last few weeks have flown by - hello Spring 👋🏼🌸🌙!

As this new season begins I’ve been thinking about the idea of simply checking places off a list versus going deep — deep into places, and the people in them.

I take off Monday to lead the @forageandwander retreat, and after that my travel schedule slows down. I’ll be focused on writing, transferring the memories from the first part of ‘19 into blog posts and future book pages. ✎

A little reminder if you’ve made it this far in this post (and if you have give me a 🙌🏼) - consider the footprint you leave behind in a place, make sure it’s a really good one.

Go deep with places and people. Stay on trail, pick up plastic and trash, be kind, buy from locals, learn the language. What other ways do you give back? xx! / 📷: @kendallhershey in 🇵🇷✨
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Do what makes you feel ↠
accomplished, dream-filled, bold, artistic, radiant, balanced, elevated, whole, loved. ♡ ♡ ♡

Most days I wake up I could pinch myself. The word “gratitude” doesn’t begin to cover it. That doesn’t mean things are easy - just that everyday brings opportunity to learn new lessons, have fresh experiences, express more empathy and love a little harder.

Big hug to my friend @mollychoma for capturing this moment on the Malecón in Havana.

After a magical time there I’m turning my attention to my creative & intuitive retreat in Joshua Tree (I leave next Monday)! There’s still a few spaces in the retreat house: this one is for you my creative soul sistas! ✨✨✨
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Sunday cruisin’.

This is one of my favorite photos from Cuba. I often print my photos to have memories I can hold in my hand later but this one might end up in a frame. ☺️🙏🏼

p.s. I’m considering doing a series of IG lives - I asked for feedback in stories, and there was a big YES for that. Leave me a note below - what would you like to chat about on a live? I’ll schedule the first one soon! xx
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