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---( 🅾️™)---  My name is otis. But some people call me O. I'm ok with it. This is a No Selfie Zone. Past and Present in the current medium.


When Choosing a Distortion Pedal, Black is always best-Sounds way more Gnar! The Limited Edition Black Boss DS1 4A For 2017 is No exception. They even returned to the silver screw for the lid! Thanks Matt and Jay @ Roland Europe. And the shirt fits too! @roland_us @bossfx_us I've always loved the BOSS DS1 and have always used one.

J Poses for a "1 photo and 1 photo only" on the steps of the @citymuseum in St. Louis, He's about to get fruity climbing up all that crazy stuff they built outside the museum, Wait... that was me and Marc that did that. Oh well. Photo By O. @dinosaurjr #dinosaurjr

This is called "Morning Murph Face" it's so good you have to see it twice in the same photo. Sleeping on a bus for a month, with no place to make a number 2, Priority No. 1 when you first wake is to Find a coffee house, Preferably Starbucks, not just for their great coffee, but for a great Loo, you know the old saying "have a cup of Java and out flows the Lava" if you didn't-you now do. "Morning Murph Face" is ready to go! He also likes to rid himself of "Bus Over" his name for bus hangover, from the bumpy roads. The 1st people up on the bus each day- Me, Murph and Marc, We are the search team! Photo By O. @dinosaurjr #dinosaurjr

This is an outtake for little vids for upcoming dates on Dinosaur Jr. tours future. There's a secret 4th Member in this short Vid, Mr Cup. All 3 Members barge at will on tour non stop. Video By O. @dinosaurjr #dinosaurjr

The Crazy shit you find on tour-Look at this hodgepodge of Fender Parts thrown together! Mid 1970s Fender Mustang Guitar Body, 3 inexpensive Strat Pickups, crazy pickguard with Strat Jack Plate, Replaced funky Mustang Style Bridge and 3 Way Switch, And I save the Best for Last! A 1981 Fender Lead III Neck that is 25.5 scale length. A Fender Mustang Body is meant to have a 24 inch scale length Neck, so Not all chords on the neck will be in tune. Intonation will not work right, if at all. It was a good try, but it's a cool Fail. Good parts though. Guitarists are funny people. #fendermustang

Lou Barlow's Dinosaur Jr Recording Rig at Third Man Studios. All 3 Amps on and miked, just not in this photo. Sounded very close to his live Rig and every bit Lou Barlow. When it comes to Lou Tone-Taller is always Better. Jack White was there in a meeting and had to move to a different Room, (He Joked About It) Because of Dino's Recording Volume, it was LOUD! Photo By O. Third Man Records, Nashville, TN. @dinosaurjr #dinosaurjr

In the South, you can't step out of a van or bus on tour and not see a Waffle house in either direction, a tour staple. Many bands have a Love/Hate relationship to this massive chain of 24 Hour Breakfast action, I've had my share of Waffle House throughout the years, and some are better then others, but I'm always eager to Barge At Will for Eggs and Waffles. Photo By O. @wafflehouseofficial #wafflehouse

Listening back to the Live Tracks Dinosaur Jr just recorded at Third Man for a live limited 7 incher coming out soon on Third Man Records, Nashville, TN Video By O. @dinosaurjr #dinosaurjr

J Mascis try's out his Small Third Man Records recording Rig. 2 pedals, Fudge Munchkin and a Super Fuzz clone. A Fender Twin Reverb, Vox AC30 and A Victoria Amp Co. High Powered Tweed twin. Of corse his Squier JMJM. Photo By O. Nashville, TN @dinosaurjr #dinosaurjr @thirdmanrecords

A close up of J's Blue Flower Fender Strat. This guitar has Been seeing tons of Shralpage on the current Dino Tour, as well as his 1968 Telecaster, And Squire JMJM. Photo By O. @dinosaurjr #dinosaurjr

J Mascis Brings out the 1968 Fender Telecaster with Bigsby for extra Wang Sause! For the 1st Time This Tour! Let's see if it makes it in a live setting tonight. Headlines, Louisville, KY. Photo By O. @dinosaurjr #jmascis #dinosaurjr

Your Louisville Morning OJ as drawn by @gretasvalberg Headliners, Louisville, KY.

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