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o t i s  ⍆ boston terrier ⍆ style pup + wilderness explorer ⍆ otisbarkington@gmail.com

So we decided to finally make that fatal leap 😧 + get white bedding for our new bedroom because I just love how clean + crisp it looks. So far so good, but I've been keeping my handy sheet brush + lint roller both within reach to fight that daily battle with this nugget's fur 🀞🏽. #bostonterriermomproblems

Look out there, son. The porta potty the light touches is yours 🌝
Happy 🍟yay! ❀️ We're officially moving in to our new home this weekend so this fella will have plenty of new smells to sniff + rooms to (not so) discretely toot in. We can't wait!

Just, nah. | #workweekgotmelike

β€’ When someone opens a jar of peanut butter 350 miles away β€’ #saywhaaaa #illbetheresoon

m o n d a y mantra : 'I think I can, I think I can . . . . . nah I won't, now back to bed' 😴

When your mom + dad are in Chicago for the weekend and you're just here like 'where's my deep dish' : πŸ™„πŸ•

A walk isn't a walk without someone stopping to admire this handsome boy + then proceed to ask if he's a French Bulldog or some kind of "miniature" Pitbull. No, but he's proud that they are his cousins. πŸ€—
| leash + collar set: @wildebeest_co |

Did someone say #nationalpuppyday today? Or "die of cuteness overload fluffy rainbow butterfly puppy eyes all over my Instagram feed day"?! Same thing 😭

Take your vitamins, kids! ☝🏼
@ferapetorganics has got us covered with their all natural daily hip + joint supplements, complete with fish oil, organic turmeric, green lipped mussel, + a bunch of other good stuff. Plus it's super noms!

Just a couple of stoop kids on a stump 🌿🌲

#TBT to when this cutie got all the pets + smiles while tagging along with us to try some epic cold brews β˜•οΈπŸŒΏ

What it looks like when Mondays don't phase you | #futuresobright 😎

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