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Opn™ is helping users experience life like never before. Learn how new Opn styles and features can help more people overcome hearing challenges and experience sound in the ways that matter most to them. Click the link in our bio to learn more. #HearingIsOpn

Meet Lieutenant Commander Michael McManus, Oticon Focus on People Awards finalist in the adult category. Mike is determined to reduce the stigma of hearing loss in the military and serve as a role model and mentor to those who will follow him. Read about all 12 remarkable finalists at www.oticon.com/fop #FocusOnPeopleAwards

Opn™ was designed with the brain in mind, making better hearing with less effort possible. Explore the benefits of #Opn by clicking the link in our bio. #HearingIsOpn

Are you ready to rock? We've partnered with rock legend Styx to audio broadcast one of their upcoming "United We Rock" summer concerts directly to your Opn™ hearing aids. Learn more about this event and reach out to your hearing care provider for more details about steaming access: oticon.com/inside-oticon/news #styx #UnitedWeRockTour #opn

Dan Beck, Oticon Focus on People Awards adult category finalist, pioneered closed captioning for music videos. Today, Dan promotes hearing conservation so that everyone – with and without a hearing loss – can continue to hear the music. Read about Dan and all of the 2017 finalists at oticon.com/fop. Vote now! #FocusOnPeopleAwards

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"He is a hard worker, trying to do his best to become educated learning computer science. He already felt like people didn’t look at him like a human being because of his disfigurement, and on top of that, he cannot hear. There are a lot of people in the country who give up because life is so difficult, but he is a fighter." -- Dr. Ashley Al-Izzi recaps her recent trip to Mozambique, Africa with @entheoshearing. The Oticon Hearing Foundation was excited to donate 100 hearing instruments and cases of batteries for the mission.

Click the link in our profile to watch as this young man receives his hearing aids for the first time!

Check out “The View” segment on July 26th on former Navy PO2 Timothy Birckhead and his specially adapted home. The Oticon Government Services Team sponsored a Volunteer Day to install landscaping and ready the new mortgage-free home for move-in by Birckhead and his mother, Gloria. Learn more: www.oticon.com/inside-oticon/news #HomesForOurTroops #HFOT

Mala Bawer, Oticon Focus on People Awards finalist in the adult category, is working to tackle the challenge of delivering a 21st century education to millions of youth in Sub-Saharan Africa. Meet Mala and all 12 of the 2017 finalists, and vote for your favorite: oticon.com/fop #FocusOnPeopleAwards

Hear how even more Opn™ users are experiencing the transformative power of an open sound. Click the link in our bio to hear their stories and learn more about #Opn. #HearingIsOpn#Oticon

Watch the joy a child with #hearingloss experiences when he learns he can use sign language with his favorite #Disney characters!
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Here is a truly magical moment from The Happiest Place on Earth! @olive.crest is an organization that serves over 3,500 at-risk kids and families. On a recent trip to Disneyland, they arranged a very special moment for a boy who is deaf. "The family arranged to have an ASL translator present, however, the characters were not briefed on the visit before the child got there." Video of their encounter shows Mickey and Minnie using sign language to communicate with him. "The child was ecstatic after meeting the characters because he didn't know they would speak 'his language.'" Olive Crest shared this video in social to show people "that with a little love and 'magic,' you can truly make a child's dream come true." Video: Olive Crest. Disney is the parent company of ABC7.

We asked hearing care providers for their thoughts on Opn™. Listen to what Jeff, an Audiologist, has to say and click the link in our bio to learn how new #Opn styles and features can help you hear better and remember more, with less effort. #HearingIsOpn #oticon

Voting is now open for the 2017 #FocusOnPeopleAwards! Meet 12 amazing finalists in our four categories. Cast your vote! oticon.com/fop

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