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Kurai :3  •I'm Kurai! •I love all of you! •HxH and Hetalia •390 Otakus •Creds to artists! •pls credit if you repost my edits! •🔴 •I make icons!

Probably the worst edit I've ever done lol rip

Underappreciated smol xD I actually love him with all my heart lol and he's only in like one episode ❤

Bye bye Pitou! Chrollo wins! Thank you all so much for playing my elimination game!! Do you guys want more games??

I'd love it if instagram would show me some posts from accounts that I'm being a freaking ghost to rather than giving me someone's crap from three months ago

Accidentally posted on the wrong acc lol ♪
New icon for @alluka_.zoldyck 's contest!

Bored but I made an icon for Wattpad lolol

Trying to keep up with my occasional tags lol

I tried drawing a little bit today!! I'll probably delete it later lol

Stole this from tagged but I also needed to post this before July 10th ended for me, I almost missed it lol I'm two hours from midnight oops

I made a Killua edit :3


It's killua's birthday!! Also I stole this post off @killugonwriter 's account xD

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