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Kurai :3  •I'm Kurai! •I love all of you •HxH some Hetalia •436 Otakus •Creds to artists! •🔴 •I make icons! •vote for the contest! •icon by candaddy willass


Contest ends today! The voting period will begin as soon as I get home!

Since when did the word "oof" become a meme? Like.. I say oof on a daily basis as like a sound effect 😂 almost my entire family says oof, but now saying oof seems weird because it's like a joke to everyone but I cant help it now lol it's a habit

Just a reminder my edit contest ends in three days!!

Kite slays my life

Is it weird that I kinda ship this lol (creds to akayashi on DeviantArt)

Ah sorry I haven't posted in a couple days! :,) I love you guys though

Probably actually my most hated character in HxH lol ↑ but my meme game is weak I know I'm late on this lolol

Roses are red, violets are blue

should I have you guys vote on the contest or do my judgement? Maybe an elimination?

It feels too long since I've posted hetalia.. so here's a steampunk England to make up for it :,) sorry if you follow me for hetalia posts I've been slacking :,)

Good morning Otakus! Hope you have a great day

Another edit contest! Made this one for #kawaiiallukaeditcontest ! There's a lot of metaphorical meaning to this one lol I actually put thought into it

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