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This was an amazing day! Thank you @kellykinkaid and @realsway for constantly providing the platform for me to speak my truth. I love you guys! Shout to @itsreallydb for an amazing job hosting, and everyone that was present in that moment. I love you and God loves you! Never forget to bet on yourself and and be great in all areas with every gift God has given you. #overdeliverent #undeniablemusik

Anyone that knows me, knows this is one of my favorite artist and songs of all time! I also secret posted this with the agenda to let my rap friends know that I’m cheating on every feature you hit me up for. Y’all niggas are too nice so I’m turning into “Black Ty” on y’all asses. Lmao! Nah but seriously, if God has given you more then one gift don’t limit yourself to comfortability. Don’t settle for becoming a monolith when greatness has called you to be multifaceted. Rap, sing, dance, model, be an author, an activist, a basketball player, do it all...because he wouldn’t equip you with talent he didn’t expect you to use. Punch fear and expectation in the face and be as amazing as I know we all can be! I love you and God loves you!

So when @robertglasper says more bars....it’s time to give some more bars! Thank you @chrisdaddydave @dhodgeworld and @robertglasper for the opportunity to rock with y’all on the same stage with @lupefiasco . Legendary night!

Here goes a post for hair goals. If a hare goes head to head with a hare with more hair, does the hare with less hair finish before the hare with more hare?? 🤔🤔 Ok leave that right here. Oh here’s for the hairless with hair goals...all it takes...is letting your hair grow. I love you and God loves you. 📸: @curatedgent 👕: @lemonadestandny

I think chairs are overrated so when I’m in and out of the studio I get as close to my lows as physically possible to embrace them in a way that I can relay them to the masses. Or....it can just be the fact that I like sitting on floors. Who really cares at this point? 🤷🏾‍♂️. Well on that note. I love you and God loves you. 😊

Here’s my post to make up for not posting my #GodfreestyleWednesday verse. “So sincere, could prolly give esco bars// and so raw can a blow (abloom) of off white to Pablo...iconic as biggie smalls y’all high off OxyContin and oxymoronic as biggie..smalls” 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️. Every bar was a bar! Let’s see who can get them all! Thank you @kellykinkaid and @realsway for the pop to jam with legends!! I’m blessed and grateful for every blessing! I love you and God loves you! #overdeliverent #undeniablemusik #godfreyotw

“Sandwiches are good...God is great”- @djclarkkent . Today was one of the best days of my life!!! Thank you @kellykinkaid and @realsway for the call. I’ve been blessed to be in these situations and really live out my prayers. If I learned anything it’s this....stay ready so you don’t have to get ready! The journey is more beautiful then the destination! I love you and God loves you! Believe in yourself, Bet on your self, and trust the God given genius that you have uniquely been blessed with. #overdeliverent #undeniablemusik #Godfrey coming soon.

When @tonibraxton says let’s take a pic, you take a pic...or three. 🤷🏾‍♂️ They told me to get sexy so the light skinned Drake face came out unintentionally. It was a pleasure talking with you and I’m looking forward to working with you! I love you and God loves you. 📸: @iamtydavis #sexandcigarettes coming soon.

If only y’all knew the day I just had...the people that really know me know I wouldn’t be rapping if it wasn’t for this man...Footage coming soon. Wow...God is great. Thank you for the words bro. Looking forward to building. I love you and God loves you.

“That’s why Eye. Stand alone like Thom Yorke..Only investment without a return is timing”..Had to put on the @riosstarview for that 👁 scheme! Comment if you got it. And Shoutout to @lemonadestandny for the only apparel fitting for the verse! Send request, leave a comment of ya favorite bar, let’s keep it consistent! I love you and God loves you! #overdeliverent #undeniablemusik #godfreestylewednesdays

Sometimes I manually straighten the naps in my facial hair with the combined effort of my index finger and the outer most digit on the hand the mundane refer to as the thumb. It’s not easy being a super hero. 🤷🏾‍♂️. But I love you and God loves you anyway. 🙂 📸: @shotbydonnie

“Taking shots at the president...John Wilkes in the booth...” pardon my aggression. Let me know if you caught the whole math scheme though. Lol. Leave a comment, let me know your favorite bar, leave beat request, let me know what you think, any bar ya need me to break down, talk to me Nice. Lol. I love you and God loves you. Let’s stay consistent! #Godfreyotw #godfreestylewednesdays #overdeliverentertainment #undeniablemusik

Wow man...today’s is the last day that I’ll be the oldest I’ve ever been. But hey...I love you and God loves you. 📸: @curatedgent

“But I castrate lavars that’s tryna ball out....you’ll get cut off, fuck ya family name boy...” I couldn’t NOT get in this! Lol. I’m doing my best to stay consistent with this son. Every Wednesday I’m going to give y’all one of these! Leave request, leave comments, tell me your favorite line, the lines you didn’t get, I’ll break em down, keep me accountable! I love y’all, God loves y’all, and I appreciate y’all!! #godfreestylewednesdays #finesse #brunomars #cardib

.:MOOD ALL YEAR:. I love y’all soo much!!! We taking over everything! Taking over our finances, wealth, health, mental stability, joy, EVERY MUHFUGGIN THING!! I love you and God loves you!

“Cheese burgers are good, God is great..” - Dj Clark Kent. I love you and God loves you #2017bestnine

@realsway gave me the ok to murder these “rappers” acting the part” - Icon freestyle. Man. Special shout out to this man! Thank you for every talk, all the feedback after performances, the perspective switch I needed to get out of these real life situations, everything man! This year has been an amazing one and I appreciate everything that you and @kellykinkaid have brought to the table I. Facilitating me to get to the next level in my career. Thank you for being influential in not just your conversation but your work ethic. I love you and God loves you. Icon freestyle in bio. #ODE #undeniablemusik 📸: @photorobnyc

“Dipped my feather pen in ink to scribe 16’s so the Queens can see the regality// preaching U.N.I.T.Y till the mantra birthed a reality”..caption bars...lol. Nah but special shoutout to @queenlatifah for the love, words of insight, and the encouragement. This was a huge moment for me! Thank you @wyclefjean for allowing me to get on stage and rap for the Queen! Super Iconic! Thank you @overdeliverent for all the career changing moments! This year has been dope! A lot of ups and downs, But in the words of @djclarkkent ... “A cheeseburger is good, God is great”. Let’s bring 2018 In on a good foot and be greater then we’ve ever been! I love you and God loves you! “ICON” freestyle in bio! #ODE #undeniablemusik

“God given 16’s so the lord knows why @snoopdogg gave approval from the front row”- one of the best moments of my life! Chopping up with this legend put the battery in my back! I’m walking in 2018 knowing I can’t lose. They can’t curse what God blessed! “Icon freestyle” link in bio. I love you and God loves you.

“Got the Nod from @djclarkkent to flex first” this year has been truly iconic for real. To know I can call this man and talk about rap, life, and betterment as an MC and a human being is unreal. Thank you for being who you are bro! I love you and God loves you. Icon freestyle in bio! Check that out! Shoutout to @rair_ny for providing one of the few dad hats that actually fit. Lol. I might flood the timeline today. 🤷🏾‍♂️. #ODE #undeniablemusik 📸: @techandmusicfan

“Sold our Apollo no front// name on the marquee in the front”- Icon freestyle out now! Link in bio! I love you and God loves you! Happy for every past blessing and the ones that are on the way! 📸: @trikx_

Sorry for the delay guys. Merry Christmas! Lol. I love you and God loves you. Shoutout to @c.syresmith again for a dope album! 2018 is going to be different for me! Can’t wait for y’all to see! #ode #undeniablemusik #godfreyotw

Ps...As much as I hate to say this...link in bio. Lol🤷🏾‍♂️

@c.syresmith you really bodied this album! I just had to borrow this Record real quick. I love you and God loves you!

Really grateful for the people in this picture for real. Love y’all niggas like family! Real talk. 2018 is going to be scary. Trust me. My son Spic James, Bearded O Dawg, JJ Hairston and I are going to have a great time in these up and coming months. I love you and God loves you. And shout out to @madebyngo for my favorite shirt of all time! #ODE #Godfreyotw 📸: @designedbyvic

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