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Oskar Fahlén  Welcome! 😊🍌⚛ From: Sweden - Borås/Göteborg 🇸🇪 Playing guitar in "Disregard" 🎵🎸 • • • 🌏✈ Romania - Bucharest (7-aug) Rockstad Extreme Fest 2017


✈🌏As my story said🌏✈
I bought tickets to visit Romania - Bucharest over seven months ago! And now I realized it's very close until I'm actually coming😊
I'll be in Bucharest 7-9 AUG.
And then I'll attend the Rockstadt Extreme Festival 10-13 AUG.
• • •
I have no plans after the festival, and so far not even a flight ticket home, but I'll probably be too dead for more adventures anyways 😅

🌲The forest always protects<3🌲

(Except when you're chased by a bear or a T-rex or something..)

I'm always really thankful to all the awesome people that are coming to see us play live😍 It really means a lot to me and the band!<3
And you're are always very welcome to party with us before and after our shows!🍺
MyBand: @disregardofficial 🎵

*Watch MyStory for videos/pics from the travel to Belgium*
• • •
First time in Belgium, but hopefully not the last!
Me and my band @disregardofficial wants to thank everyone who came and watched and made this weekend as amazing as it was! :D \m/ <3

Tomorrow me and @disregardofficial will start our journey to Belgium - Dessel!😊

If you want us to come and play in your country/town, don't just write it, do as @ignis_somnia did and help us book the whole thing!
We will come for sure, no matter where it is!
Chile, North Korea, Antarctica, Mars.. we would go anywhere!🌎
Just write a DM to my band's account!

📷: @radiosuicide

Today my band @disregardofficial released the song "Infallible Refutation" 🎶 \m/
If you wanna listen to the whole thing, you could easily find it on YouTube, our Facebook page or at Bandcamp!
I also created a lyric video so it would be extra pleasing to look at!😊
I hope your enjoy!
• • •
My band: @disregardofficial
Not my band: @nickelback
Song: @magnuzi
Lyrics: @daniel.toivola
Video: @oskar_fahlen
Artwork: @noiaIllustration
• • •
#Disregard #InfallibleRefutation #Sweden #Single #DeathMetal

More epic shirts from @blacksanctuary 💀🌲
I also got featured on their page two times!! See if you can find me😊

Also, I already feel much better since the incident!😀
Now I'm looking forward to the release of my band's new song on Thursday. And to our concert in Belgium 8th of July!😍

My band: @disregardofficial 🎶

This weekend I got robbed and hurt by a foreign man for the fourth time during the last few years..
So yeah, my new phone is pretty much gone. 😢
I also lost a precious necklace and a ring during the "fight".
My favorite pants also got ruined and has my blood on them.
He manged to hurt my upper lip and I have wounds inside both of my hands from when I fell to the ground.

This time I am honestly too poor to get a new one (again). So I'm carefully asking if anyone got an old Android they might not need?:$ Just write me!

I'm of course both sad and angry now, and my body hurts, but the worst part is that I'm not feeling safe in my own country/city after all these incidents.
And this all happened in central Gothenburg while the sun was up and people were out.

"Glad midsommar!" 🇸🇪

I haven't been taking any pictures indoors for long long time! So last night I got out my external flash and tried a few📸 But everything was a mess and I was swearing, laughing and throwing shoes everywhere! 😂👿💣💥💨👞

Anyway, all the clothes are from: @wonderworkerdenimlab so please go check them out!💀

I uploaded​ a few more pictures in MyStory, so you can see my hallway-"studio". 😅

Few places I wanna visit soon:
São Paulo, Milan, Skopje, Izmir, Thessaloniki, Novi Sad

Places I will see this year (so far):
Bucharest, Dessel

Places I wish to come back to:
Tbilisi, Barcelona, Kraków, Fethiye, Sofia, Budapest, Rome

This is of course not the only places​ I wanna go to, there are thousands of places I wanna visit. For example, I wanna see most countries of South America, explore Armenia, Portugal, Slovakia, Mexico, France and many other countries! It's just time and money that are keeping me from traveling the world💔 But I learned that anything can happen!😊

You know that feeling when you're walking past a rather attractive person, and it feels like you just forgot how to walk..!?

Well, that has happened to me way too often lately, but now I realized it was because part of the sole under my left shoe had fallen off!😅🙈
• • •
[Also, extra thanks to everyone who showed me support during my last dark days (even though I never answered)💕]

Got some really cool clothes from @blacksanctuary 💀
Totally loving their designs!😊
• • •
Today I will see Mgła, Valkyrja and Acrimonious! \m/

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