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Erin's Poshmark Tips  Tips for selling & succeeding on #Poshmark! Come for the #poshtips, stay for the STORIES! Join Poshmark with code OSCILATEY & get $5 to make ya holla!

A first time find for me! Also the website is uhh delicious.

Goodwill of Eastern NC are my least favorite. No music. Cash or local check only. No carts. Just baskets and some weird cart you can put two baskets on. Plastic hangers that are super slow to flip through bc they don’t have that smooth slide of metal on metal. And they close at 6 on Saturday. 🤮

Send them an email and do it the right way or get the BOOT! 👢

It’s 82* and I’m feeling super springy with my new banana leaf polymailers (link in My Favorite Reseller Tools on Amazon in bio) and my platinum #jackrogers @jackrogersusa from Poshmark closet @lnl0007 #poshmark #poshpackages

I leave these behind every time. Y’all can have any money that comes from them. I just can’t. I didn’t wear them then and I can’t encourage others to wear them now lol. What do you always leave behind because it makes you gag?

Just because you “work from home” or maybe commute 3 blocks over to work from your mom’s home doesn’t mean you can’t get dressed!

Red Roper, Red Roper, Send these Justin Lace Ups Right Over 😍 Size 6 heading to my Poshmark Closet today! 🎻

I’m in the Never Decline Crowd and sometimes it’s NOT fun.

53 Listed between yesterday & today for the #loveitorlistitchallenge What’s your number?!

I’ve always wondered why it takes me so long to jack up my available listing number and obviously I knew it was because items sell. BUT...this blew my mind. Just going from 716-800 and all the work that’s been involved. Looking at 1000 available but obviously it might be December unless I turn into a work horse, which I’m not planning on.

Anyone down for some friendly competition? I’m aiming for 25 today, and 25 tomorrow! So 50 by midnight tomorrow. Can you beat me?

Click on the ol’ face bubble up there and watch my Live Haul if you’d like!

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