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@nikita_dragun x @_utierre never looked so good. Styled by @joeythao

UTIERRE AW18 dropping soon. 😈

Where do I even start. It’s taken me a few days to process this, and actually imagine that this is true. I’m not even to sure how to express this feeling within me when I think about you no longer breathing. Every single time I seen you, you were always so alive, and always so well put together. I would always say to my self “damn, I really need to get my shit together and start dressing better” after seeing you haha. Your style was always on point, down to the jewelry. I was lucky enough to have gotten the opportunity to work with you, but to also invite you into my home as a friend, and just talk for hours about our life and work. Seeing this happen has really opened up my eyes. I seen you as someone whom was just like myself. Almost the same age, hustling every day, elevating and progressing every day, and all to contribute to the constant evolution of the industry we both happened to work in. I know the constant pressures of our work, multiplied by the daily pressures of just being a human and surviving in this fucking city/industry are awful. I hope I was able to help you as much as you needed me through out the times you did reach out. You’ve always inspired me, just as much as you kept pushing me and believing in my work. It’s hard to believe that I’m writing this post in regards to the last ceremony of your life. However i will never forget you. I’m sorry this all ended so soon. I never imagined you leaving this earth. It’s crazy to think i won’t see you again, how I would spot you from afar and wonder if it was you or @tylerjacobmusic curly hair i was seeing lol. Where ever you are, know that you’re a very special human being, who will be greatly missed. I miss you sis. I’m so sorry. Rest in piece young prince. For everyone else, if you can please help donate towards his funeral. Not much I could do at this point besides ask for the support of anyone whom supports me. I can definitely say, this is a major reality check. In so many ways. You just never know the inside traumas of the people around you, and the weight everyone carries within their hearts. If you care for your loved ones. Just try to be there, before it’s to late..

I am human. I fuck up. I make mistakes. I fall in love, and when I do I love hard and passionately. These past few days have been quite intense, but i trust the path the universe has put me on. The feeling inside my gut is so powerful. My intuition is holding my hand to move forward with my head up high, accepting of whatever it is that god may put ahead of me. I only want to be happy, I want my body, mind and soul to be healthy. Therefore I shall chase the propositions that will stand by my side no matter what gets in the way. A man never runs away from his problems, and shall look the devil straight in his eyes with the courage to overcome which ever obstacle necessary to be successfully happy. I apologize for my fuck ups, I can only learn from all of my mistakes and apply It to a better future.

Congratulations on all of your future endeavors.

@elizasowle in @_utierre photographed by @isabel_carol

What a fucking weekend.

Dad. @_utierre Chains back on sale. 😈

Summer Games.


@_utierre paneled denim capsule worn by @renegades_
Styled by @brendnalexander
Photographed by @spadestudios

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