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Oscar Miño  • London based 📍| Barcelona • Filmmaker | Photographer • 🏆Went to Coachella. Took 0 photos @iamoscarminyo hello@oscarminyo.com

“I don’t know man.. I think they got the O upside down but what do I know? I’m just the video guy” | Half the team getting ready for #revolvefestival . So good to have @zyrken with me!

Ready for the most intense week of the year! Yesterday we killed a solid 16 hour schedule to deliver the first video for #revolvefestival and @zyrken and I were up 5:30 am ready to catch sunrise. Don’t mind me if I nap occasionally throughout the day. Day 2 let’s get it!! #palmsprings #california

Revolve Festival is happening again.. and for the 2nd year in a row I will be filming and directing the video content. Here is a tease from 2018... this year is gonna be even better!

The red ass jacket in the green ass place! Interestingly enough, after making that first video about 3 days in scotland, the second time I was in Scotland for @jackharding ‘s workshop, 90% of the students brought red jackets (like I stated in my video). I felt powerful. You’ll only get this if you are up to date with my videos.. Lol #scotland #thestorr

Oh look at that. I got the same picture as the 50 people beside me taking the exact same shot at the exact same time! Multiply that times whatever number of hours and days you want, and just imagine how many copies of this picture exist worldwide. Mind blowing. To be honest I had never seen this temple before so there’s that. It’s a damn beautiful temple I must say. #kyoto #japan

Oldie from Venice Beach cause I’m excited to go back! #losangeles #california ✌🏼🤙🏼 ps. Spent a great deal of time chasing that yellow hat for the photo😂

Local fisherman in the Kawaguchi lake facing the Mount Fuji, tallest peak in Japan, after sunrise. The conditions we had were incredibly good! One forgets about the lack of sleep... and lack of hygiene😂 (call me dirty but I’ve just been postponing my showers. No time for that!). Tomorrow’s my last day in Japan. After that London to repack, and off to Los Angeles!!! #japan #fuji

Last week I didn’t even know I was coming to Japan. Now I don’t want to leave. Often the best plan is no plan at all. @karl_shakur knows this better than anyone... Sleeping 4 hours per night, shooting at sunrise, sunset, night time... As I’m writing this Karl says “I’m not sleeping tonight either”. Gotta make the most of my week here! Of course we couldn’t miss Fishimi Inari. It’s been posted a million times or more but hey. I’m a tourist here🙄 #japan

ARS GRATIA ARTIS ~ Art for art’s sake. El arte por el arte. A reminder to myself and others of doing my craft for the sake of it. Not the money or fucking algorithms. But for the joy and thrill of it. Having a blast here in Japan. Will share more soooon! Arigato for being there

Literally woke up to this view today. Last night @karl_shakur and I checked into this hotel very last minute. We got there at 11pm and wow. THE VIEW!!! Totally worth it to wake up at 5. Not everyday you get to see the sunrise from a place like this.

It’s been a good couple of days in Birmingham attending the @thephotographyshow where I got to talk about my work with those who showed up. Today I had the pleasure to meet @chrisburkard who today said something that brought me back to some of my recent trips. He said “in order to tell a story you have to live it”. I got goosebumps. That’s what I told @bikingborders a few weeks ago : if I am to tell a story about 2 guys cycling half of the globe, I should tell that story on a bicycle, pedaling with them. I’m trying to find those stories worth telling, because I want to find the stories worth living.

Currently working on the edit from Scotland. It has to do with photography 🙄 Right now letting the creative process take its course. Always a slow start 😪 #switchtoalpha

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