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Have some fun in the sun this weekend–but don't forget the sunscreen! When it comes to your skin, there are two major health risks from getting too much sun: premature aging and skin cancer. Skin cancer cells are caused by exposure to UVA rays that are emitted by the sun. The accumulation of multiple sunburns, which are caused by UVB rays, can increase a person’s risk of getting skin cancer. #SkinCancerAwarenessMonth

From managing monthly cycles, to birth control, to OB-GYN emergencies, there are a lot of extra things ladies have to consider when it comes to health care. Fortunately, health insurance plans (including Oscar!) offer affer a number of services – most free! – to help women stay healthy throughout the year, including an annual well-woman exam, birth control options, and routine cervical cancer and breast cancer screenings. #NationalWomensHealthWeek

There’s no denying it: the mind-body connection is real. Your state-of-mind can influence your physical health as much as it affects your mental health. Anxiety can exacerbate certain medical conditions like autoimmune disorders, GI issues, heart disease, and panic attacks, which is why sooner or later, you’ll want to get your anxiety under control. #MentalHealthMonth

This #NursesWeek we’re saying thank you to all of the wonderful, caring nurses who keep our members healthy. Thanks for everything you do! Check out our story for a fun interview with Oscar nurse, Maren.

Early recognition and detection are the only options to effectively treat skin cancer. Keep an eye out for changes in your skin such as moles, skin growths that change over time, or cuts/sunburns/ingrown hairs that take a long time to heal. Seeing a doctor as soon as you notice an irregular growth may decrease risk of metastasis of skin cancer to other areas of the body. #SkinCancerAwarenessMonth (Source: Dr. Bobby Buka MD, Dermatologist)

Are you and your family up to date on your vaccines? If you're not sure, check with your provider, since they're the most effective method of disease prevention. For centuries, vaccines have prevented the spread of many serious illnesses like polio, measles, hepatitis, and meningitis. As a result, fewer people suffer from their lasting effects, and many lives have been saved. To top it off, many are free with your health insurance plan.💪 #WorldImmunizationWeek

New boo? Get tested together, even if you both feel fine – even without symptoms, STIs can increase your risk of HIV acquisition, cause pelvic inflammatory disease and infertility, and lead to cervical cancer. The only way to know your STI status for sure is to get tested. (Source: One Medical, World Health Organization) #STIAwarenessMonth

This #NationalPetDay thank your pets for their companionship–but don't forget the benefits they provide for your health! Walking, petting, and playing with your pets can help you lower your blood pressure, maintain a healthy BMI, and decrease cholesterol levels, all of which can decrease your risk of having heart issues like a heart attack or stroke. Check out the link in our bio to learn more about the health benefits of your four-legged friends. 🐶 (Source: CDC.gov) 📸 credit: @doggiedaytrips

PMS bingo! If you get periods, these probably sound familiar. But if your symptoms are severe enough that they interfere with your life, you should talk to your doctor. Premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD), a severe and sometimes disabling version of PMS, could be the cause. (Source: Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic)

Basketball isn't just for brackets – it’s also great for your cardio health. Playing builds your endurance, which can help keep your heart healthy and reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke. (Source: Cleveland Clinic) #marchmadness #basketball #endurance

This #NationalDoctorsDay, we’re saying THANK YOU to all of the wonderful, caring doctors who keep our members healthy. Thanks for everything you do – you’re amazing!

This #nationalpuppyday, we want to say thank you to all the service pups helping people every day. Dogs can ease anxiety and improve the health status of hospitalized patients, act as catalysts for mental health therapies, and help people with conditions like epilepsy stay safe. #servicedog

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