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Oscar  My name is Oscar; I'm 12! years old and I live in NZ. I love long walks and lying on sofas. I am an Irish terrier and that's all I have to say 🐾

Please quit the vacuuming and take me out 🐾🙏🐾

I love this bed 🐾 🛏 🐾 I don’t know why I’m allowed up here because Roger (RIP) wasn’t. So I’m making up for him (and so is she) 🐾🖤🐾

A treat for me @bowl.and.arrow in Orakei Village. Works every time 🐾♥️🐾

That white blur is a cat sitting on my fence. How very dare it. If looks could only kill... 👀

I’m sound asleep 💤 but I’m always alert 🐾🕵️‍♀️🐾

I’ve had a “winter trim” and I know I was looking a bit straggly but they didn’t have to tidy up my brows! What is this - a beauty parlour? Are my eyebrows still on point? Are they still #besteyebrows ? I’m worried 😦

Get up now? 🐾🙏🐾

She made me pose for my birthday portrait. The last one was when she slid down the bank. I swear I didn’t laugh 🤭 🐾😂

So I’m turning twelve today and I’m starting the day as I mean to go on - lying on the sofa! Happy birthday to me ♥️ 🍰 🎂 🎁 ♥️

On the lookout 👀

Yes that’s frost on my catwalk 🐾😬🐾

Just go away, rain 🌧

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