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Grant  Let's break the rules and kill the stereotypes! VSG - 01/04/15 - 179kg ➡️ 100kg 💍 - @chantellevsg - 09/08/14 🔈 - @changingourweighspc

Had an amazing time today. Running wasn’t a big part of today but I love the fact I totally forgot about it altogether. In the past I would have just ignored these events and not bothered. Now I want to do these over and over again. Continue to do things in my life I would have thought never possible. Thanks for the great day @chantellevsg and @workinout2workinit. We had great fun and was awesome to experience with you both along with @staceykaoticfit and @thatasshole_lifts. Thank you as well to @thecolorrun we had a great time and you put in a great event. Can’t wait to do it again next year #thecolorrunaus #livinlife #getdirty #havefun

This photo shows my true feelings coming out as I’m finishing my very first 10km run. It wasn’t easy and I certainly never thought I would get there but being able to cross that finish line was worth every second I trained for it.
My knees aren’t the best and that’s from years of carrying so much weight. I definitely felt the pain later in the day but at this moment I felt like I was floating. The MCG is a place I’ve been visiting ever since I was a kid and although I’ve known for a while I would never get there to be the sports hero I grew up dreaming about, I remember all the years as a young boy thinking about all the goals I would kick or all the wickets I would take and celebrate in the center of the Mecca of world sport. This moment allowed me to get as close as I possibly can to those dreams and it’s a massive achievement for me.
Exercise was never something I was afraid of but just a part of my life for many years I thought I would never do properly. One of the biggest things I felt I would never do is run for a long distance. This is a big thing off my bucket list and I won’t be stopping here. Now I’m determined to do as many of these as I can and even explore doing other things I thought I never would do. My running goal has now changed. Short term is to run more 5km and 10km courses. Long term is to do a half marathon and finally the full marathon. I don’t know if I am up to it yet but I’m definitely going to try my best. Here is to my continued renewed lease on life. Not far away from 4 years and it’s still teaching me so many new things. ****
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Absolutely stoked with my time. This was a great experience and one that I’ll never forget. Think I’ve definitely caught the running bug and I only want to do more and more I think. Thank you so much to everyone who supported me and sent me messages as well today and especially everyone who donated to my fundraiser for @beyondblueofficial. Thank you to my mum (Carole), my second mum (Gail) and my sister @funky3774 for coming to give their support in person. I’m so happy to have shared this with you. Most of all thank you to my amazing wife @chantellevsg who pushed me to do this. I am so proud of you for completing this run even though you’re injured. You are my inspiration every day and I couldn’t and wouldn’t want to do this without you. This has been such a massive goal for me and I can’t tell you all how much it means for me to have done this in my life. Running into the MCG is something also very special to me and something I could just never forget. Not that long ago I thought I would die at a very young age but #wls changed my life forever and gave me the tool to lose that weight so I could achieve things like this. Now onto bigger and better things and to push myself even more. Would love to see more of you join me next year if anyone is keen. If I can do it anybody can. Very happy also to have raised money for #teambeyondblue. It’s a charity I believe in greatly and I am happy to have done a little bit for them. Thanks again for the support guys. #melbmara #rungoals #running #runningmotivation #fitness #mcg #lifegoals #getupandmove #10km

Hey everyone. My training is increasing and I’m feeling good with just over a month to go until I participate in my very first run. It’s a massive achievement for me and I want to make it a memorable one. I am also raising money for a great charity and one I believe in strongly. I am part of #teambeyondblue for #melbmara and looking forward to being a strong contributor. Please visit the link on my profile and donate if you can. If I reach my goal of $1000 I will upgrade my run to the 10km. As much as it pains me to think about that I would gladly do it if it meant I raised this much money for the charity. I have loved every bit of support I have received so far so please keep it coming cause it keeps me going. #firstrun #mentalhealth #runforcharity #rungoals #brainsareweird #beyondblue #melbournemarathon #mcg #runningmotivation #fitness #everydayhero #donate

Last home game of the year. Being on finals for @storm as well as @collingwood_fc next week. Been a great year for both our clubs @chantellevsg #melbourneproud #gostorm #purplepride #melbournestorm

My one and only. Thank you so much for being there over these years. I would not be the person I am today without you. You make everything in my world tick.
It’s been an amazing 4 years of marriage. How could I have possibly been able to have as much fun without you. Easily have to be the biggest dork in the world and that works very well for me. ***
In 2012 when we met I never thought it would end up like this. I wasn’t supposed to meet my soulmate but I did. You are amazing in so many ways and I consider myself the luckiest man in the world because I get to be with you for the rest of my life. ***
Happy anniversary SugaPlum. Oh and thanks for my sandwiches 😜

I was going to keep this a secret because I didn't really want to draw attention to it. This isn't something I have done before but @chantellevsg has given me a massive amount of inspiration to do it.

Yesterday, I registered for the Melbourne Marathon which takes place on October 14th, 2018. I am also going to be raising funds for Beyond Blue as part of this run and I feel proud to be part of #teambeyondblue and help to improve the lives of people affected by depression, anxiety and suicide, while also raising awareness of the work they do across Australia.

For many years I was very overweight. My weight loss journey is well documented but one of my biggest goals was to be able to run. Ive played sport for many years but to actually go running was something I never thought I would be able to do. This is a big step for me in achieving one of my biggest goals. @chantellevsg was able to achieve this goal last week for herself. I was always proud of her but this was something that made me both incredibly proud and inspired to try it myself.

I want to try and raise as much as I can for a charity that I fully support and believe in. Thats why if I raise $1000 I will be upgrading my race to be a 10km run rather than the 5.7km. Its a very daunting task but one that I am willing to do for this great charity. Please click on the link in my bio to donate.

I really do look forward to completing this. I encourage everyone willing to give it a go. There are a few different events which includes 3km walk, 5.7km, 10km, half marathon and full marathon.

Best part about this is the finish line is on the middle of the MCG. That will be the closest I will get to living my childhood sporting dream so it makes me even more determined to do this.

#melbmara #teambeyondblue #running #charity #runforcharity #firstrun #lifegoals #goals #menshealth #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness

Off they go. My little runners. So proud of everyone competing especially these 3. Go girls! #runmelbourne #fitness #achievement #running #rungoals

Back home at the G. Always love coming here whether we win or lose. No place better to be on a beautiful Saturday afternoon #gopies #tigersvmagpies #secondhome #footy #afl #mcg

Just over two weeks ago vs today. In all fairness it was after chest day today so that makes a difference but still surprised at the changes that have happened in a short time. I feel this is combined between my routine, my #intermittentfasting and going onto a new #preworkout and #creatine so I’m pretty happy. Can’t really complain but still feel I want to do a lot more #transformationtuesday #fitfam #gains #chestworkout #chestday #fitness #obesetobeast #wlsjourney #vsgbros #protein #gym #fitgoals #bodygoals #chansabeast

Good advice and something everyone should live by. Don’t waste your life on mediocrity. Find what makes you happy! #liveyourlife #dowhatsbestforyou #wecarewelove

#flashbackfriday and #tbt to 7 years ago today. Living on my own in Brunswick West and 100kgs heavier than I am now. A totally different time in my life that’s for sure and one I can reflect on today. Had some shit going on at that time in my life but very grateful to come out of it and looking to be stronger than ever. Hope you all have a great weekend and have fun while doing it all #whodat #roseycheeks #fattofit #wlsjourney #wlscommunity #obesetobeast #beard #happywifehappylife #chanwouldlovemewithafreshlyshavedface

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