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Honeymooning with this guy is more mooning than honey hehe.. we are shifting between touristy stuff and Hunter sleeping while we are reading, having a glass of red wine, eating a lot of Portuguese pastries or enjoying the gardens and all that it comes with!

This is actually a dream of mine - being able to be entirely self-sustainable. Imagine just picking what you need for lunch, prepare it and eat it straight away... but it requires a lot of knowledge and takes a whole lot of dedication, I know. But who knows, maybe one day I’ll have that time and dedication?
We’re spending some days at the paradise @areiasdoseixo and here are some pics from yesterday’s dinner by the lake and today’s harvest for lunch. It’s a dream and Hunter is having the time of his life eating all the tomato’s he possibly can 🙌🏽 🍅

Officially left the twenties behind, it’s bittersweet - the twenties are pretty awesome. But it’s my birthday, I am on a honeymoon with the most amazing husband on Earth, I have a little baby angel, my crazy loving family is here to take care of him for a couple of days and I am drinking beer on the streets of a medieval little town after spending the day learning to surf yesterday. I don’t want to speak to soon but I feel I might have emerged from my quarter life crisis with a few scraps and homework but added some mama wisdom to it.

Tomorrow we’re off on our honeymoooooon! Without the third wheel though. Portugal here we come!!

Me and my bestie @olivehummer minutes before the wedding ceremony. Always there to question my beliefs and making sure I’m thinking an extra round... so here comes a rambling post about important stuff!

I’m trying to learn more about racism. Because what I’ve come to realise is that I’m clueless.
Racism is not just thinking less of a person because of ones race. Racism is engrained in our society without most people even noticing. It’s been so prevalent in our history and so cruel and just because we are not enslaving or putting people in concentration camps anymore it doesn’t mean it’s not here. It very much is, and we are all part of it whether we like it or not.
I’m born with white privileges and although partly Jew I personally never suffered any kind of repression. So I don’t know what it’s like. But what I am starting to realise, to my horror, is that I am part of racism through my mere existence. Because I am here, enjoying all these privileges, knowing that some people don’t have them because of skin colour or origin. To make it more relatable for myself I am comparing it to women empowerment. Isn’t it men’s responsibility (and fault) that women are not equal because they continue to benefit from their “higher rank”? We want black lives to matter, we are no racists, yet we are not willing to give up our privileges...? Even if we are not actively insulting anyone or acting racist according to the word’s (old) definition, it is our fault that racism exists. Because beliefs are inherited and even if we believe we think independently, we are not. We are always departing from somewhere in our thought process and that standing point needs to be acknowledged. Right now the standing point is white people having privileges and us inheriting generations of power abuse.
I don’t know what giving up white privileges practically looks like yet but I know one step of the way is to realise we are still hanging on to them and as long we do that their will be no real equality and as long as we don’t take responsibility there will be no justice.

I am following @rachel.cargle ’s 30 day challenge to #DoTheWork - maybe you should too?

Rooting for Sweden all the way!! 🇸🇪 ⚽️ It’s funny how the World Cup brings people together! I like soccer but not THAT much. But the World Cup - I love (well mostly when Sweden is in it)! Last game ended dramatically for Sweden 🇸🇪. Not only because of the German goal in the last few seconds but because our amazing player @jimmydurmaz received an insane amount of racist threats and comments. Luckily this was followed by a storm of support and love that completely overpowered the pathetic racist movement.
It makes you think though. Although racists can go ❌ themselves I’m gonna squeeze in a thank you for waking up our humane side. I was born into the white privilege and I want to apologise for our, or my, naivety when it comes to this. It is not until we see racism or experience it first hand that we react and maybe that’s why it is taking us so long to actually do something about it. I am genuinely sorry for this. My question is - How can we open our minds without having to crucify people on the way? Education is an obvious one but apparently not enough... ________ ⚽️ 🇸🇪 Today we’re playing against Mexico and must win to stay in the game. Let’s hope these happenings make us even stronger than we were against Germany!

Also - anyone else jealous about their baby’s tan..??? 🙄

I’ve realised that I get very affected by very small things people say to me. Like when someone says “oh my god make sure you enjoy this time, it is the best time of life!!” Because who says it is? There might be plenty of other periods in life that will be equally good or even better!! And who says I’m having a good time? Maybe I find it really hard or suffering for some reason..? And even if I’m having the best time ever it puts pressure on feeling things I don’t even know how to, and thus automatically making it confusing instead of natural and happy!
I know people don’t mean any harm when saying this and that it’s probably the romanticising self defence mechanism acting, but having a baby is tough both physically & mentally and it’s tough on your relationship because you fight about very important nonsense! Of course it is also all the hard work that in the end actually makes it so incredible and gratifying. But it’s a good exercise for us easily affected ones to try to pinpoint these things so we can get it out of the way!
PS. Wearing a degradable rain jacket from @tretorn here - pretty cool no?? PS2. Not a paid partnership I just like promoting good initiatives.
@naturkompaniet #BioPlantJacket #EcoEssentials #TretornxNaturkompaniet

Hitting the one year milestone actually changes so much. All of a sudden it gets so real. We are celebrating our son’s birthday! Our own child’s birthday!! Absurd. After giving birth everything is about keeping the baby alive. Now all of a sudden we play, we hang out, we “talk”, we share food, we figure things out... The months after birth it’s like the future doesn’t really exist. It feels like it’s going to be like that forever. And suddenly he brushes his teeth with me, he puts makeup on, he eats with a fork, he makes jokes, he creates his own drama, he appreciates presents and gives you hugs when you need it... Suddenly he is this cool little dude 👆🏼😎🤩 Thank you for all the lovely birthday wishes and to our family and friends that celebrated this little shrieking wonder with us.

Exactly one year ago this very hour Hunter Peter Beke Rothschild was born after a relatively smooth delivery. I had spent the evening at my dearest @kimajland ‘s 30th birthday and had had no sleep but having @patrickbeke by my side throughout, making me feel we were an invincible team, made me power through like an animal with it’s eyes on the bait.
Hunter is now one year old and we are still powering through the ups and downs of these big life changes together. Happy birthday to the most amazing little boy in history, you made us into a family - the happiest we could ever be. I love you more than I knew I was capable of loving.

First weekend on our own without Hunter to attend the most beautiful wedding in Italy and celebrate our beloved @isabellerosen & @gustafbahrne 🇮🇹♥️👰🏼 Almost back home already and feeling less like that 👆🏼 and more like 😓😖💩🤯after dancing all night, sleeping 30 minutes before heading to the airport and travelling for 12h... Thank you for the greatest love party and for all the fun you provided #bellagustaf 🙌🏽

We’re gonna talk about this weekend all their lives 💖

It takes a while to process a wedding! Still didn’t fully realise how magic it was. One thing I know though is that I have the prettiest, most warm hearted, thoughtful and fun friends, sisters and flower girls!! Look at this gang!! And also - big thank you to @adornmentstudios for creating the most beautiful dresses for us all for this special occasion ♥️ You made us feel like goddesses 🙌🏽 📸: @sodalime_

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