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Sometimes, when Hunter hurts himself, he just carries on like nothing while my heart stops and my body aches for him. It makes me realise that for him pain is just another part of the spectrum of emotions. He changes from sad to happy in the blink of an eye because he doesn’t judge himself for simply being sad. He doesn’t tie it to feelings of guilt, shame or confusion. He lets himself be sad and then gets on with it.
Us grownups handle feelings/ emotions a little differently.
We guilt ourselves way too much for feelings of sadness. We forget that to be happy we must feel and embrace sadness. It makes us vulnerable and vulnerability makes us connect with others like nothing else. The truly destructive emotions are the ones we tend to weigh in when we stumble upon sadness or the ones we keep bottled up inside. Those are usually socially constructed and unnecessary.

Motherhood can be really really hard. Sometimes I miss being independent and free, I miss sleeping, eating in peace, traveling light and getting drunk. But as cliche as it might sound - I look at this face and motherhood is suddenly the easiest of things.

We’ve been living in a fairytale these couple of days at @bispbergsherrgard ❤️ Makes me wanna move out to the country side, be outdoors daytime, do sauna nighttime and eat hard bread with cheese all day long.

This is how you find every single Swede outdoors when the sun finally shows after winter darkness 😑☀️ Today was one of those days but now we’re off to winter wonderland up north again!! ❄️


Right on time to celebrate Hunter’s godmother’s - aka bestie, period queen & founder of @yourhappyperiod - 30th birthday, I got my period back!! 17,5 half months without it and it feels great having it back ❤️💃🏼 💪🏼 Felt like a bit of a rookie again with my moon cup so organic tampons come in handy sometimes. What do you prefer using?

He’s got the appetite of his mother 🤤
Been baking these Swedish special pastries called “Semlor” in the attempt of scoring points as a housewife (actually mostly because it’s so damn good). I give myself five ⭐️ out of five. Unfortunately I can never bake them again because I’ll never succeed in making them as good again... 😌


Our new hobby 🎿❄️
I get insecure sometimes because I don’t have that one thing I’m really awesome at. I don’t have that one passion that will be my life purpose. I don’t have very clear preferences and I’m rarely too much or too little of anything.
People expect you to have it all figured out and if you don’t know what you want in life you’re kind of lame. But there’s a fine line between clear purposeful visions and having a limiting tunnel vision with expectations that become destructive... Sometimes I’m proud to be lame and sometimes I really need to stand up for myself and learn how to listen in. Whether it is at work, being a mother, in relationships or whatever little things.

Ok bye 👋🏼

Eat play nap repeat 🤗

One year ago today 👆🏼!! “Will you give me the best birthday gift of all and marry me?” He asked. Eeeeh is that even a question...?Anyway, I managed to squeeze out a yes after a way too long pause of crying (I was preggo - like beginning-preggo when you’re an emotional wreck) and now there’s only four months left till he’s my husband🙋🏼‍♀️
Happy birthday to the most amazing man, father, husband to be, person and friend there is @patrickbeke 🎂

Hello! Here comes another little rant that I think is super important and that we don’t talk about far enough!! .... PORN. As a teenager I thought porn was pretty exciting, who wasn’t intrigued by sex and all that it meant? My friends and I would sometimes see it on television after watching a movie because they showed it after twelve on some channels. It was pretty innocent but still - how did watching these images before even having sex myself actually affect my perception of sex, sexuality and gender equality? I don’t know…
Today, in Sweden (which is no exception), children start watching porn at the age of 7-12, 70% of all 16 years old boys watch porn regularly, but the most upsetting number is that 90% of all mainstream porn contains physical violence and vocabulary such as whore, bitch etc.
And then we are wondering why rape and gender inequality is still so prevailing and actually augmenting (!) in our societies…? I am not prude, I do think that sex should be an open topic and that they should talk about it in school but the way porn is “educating” all future generations about what sex actually is, is so terribly wrong. The more you start reading about the latest research about porn and its consequences, the more you understand how it is actually a key contributor to many of our societal problems.
If you would like to sign a petition to stop porn from dictating our children’s perception of sexuality in Sweden - go to link in my bio.
Sorry this was long hehe.

Today marks the first day of a new chapter. Since Hunter was born we’ve had the fortune of being the three of us non-stop, a rock solid team, complementing each other in the best of synergies. Today Patrick starts a full time position and I embark on my own exciting journey and we are still that very team ✌🏼💪🏼

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