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Orlando Moreno  Teacher/Choreographer/Dancer Laredo,Tx Find what works for you, so you won't have to feel like you're working. #Love #Unity #Community #Equals

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Yoo this is how we do it !!! Keeping warm on this chilly Monday!! Thanks to all that came. Shout out to these dancers for tonight. Telling y'all Laredo, Texas coming up!! Had to get down to that @nickiminaj 🎵Chun Li🎵. Had to kick this weather a new one. Know next week we are closed for classes for Thanksgiving break. Be ready to come back though!! #GangGang #Ochoreo #BeginningHipHop #Sauce 💯 🔥 🔥 🔥 #WhamBam

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Twas a chilling day, so we had to stay warm with this chill ride. Hitting them steps to @laflare1017 @brunomars @kodak.black20 dope single 🎵Wake Up in the Sky🎵 Getting back into an old hype combo that I taught last year with a few adjustments. Have questions Dm me or hit me up on my email orlandomoreno91@gmail.com. Let's keep that training going!

Shout out to one of my best friends who is about to be a mommy in December!!! @erikalee07 have a great beautiful day girl!! Happy that two of my best friends are in love and about to start a family. Y'all are a big part of my life and I only wish love, positive energy, and endless blessings for you! Though once that baby is out we needs a drink lol. Love ya and have a great one!! #BestieSinceMiddle #KnownEachOtherSinceKids #WeSomeBosses

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Yoo the energy tonight was just right!!! Keeping this vibe going tomorrow night at 7:30pm!! Subbed for the homie @junevh14 class tonight. Make sure you get into her, she will get you right with them moves. Thanks @darianna.rios for rocking with me tonight. Give the homie some love y'all. Always have fun while I work. Train hard and dance for fun. Let's get it tomorrow!! #Ochoreo #JustVibing #ComeOnIn #TheWaterIsJustFine #DariannaEating #Leggo #HipHop #Gucci #BrunoMars #KodakBlakc

This is what Laredo is missing. People actually dancing at places. Vibing with one another. My boi @titotheox got my back though, just in case if it turned into a battle. People it's ok to sweat at the club. Just have fun and let the music take ya. Shout to the other two dancing. We we're feeling it.

Caption me a name. I'm a rapper who doesn't want to work for it but deserves a record deal that goes platinum just because feelings. You may never know I may get one since I feel every rapper now gets one. Always making up something for Halloween. Next year will be planned out! #millenialRapper #IDeserveit #InMyFeelings #WahWah

Getting ready for Halloween!! Fun combo for today only and getting into something new next week!! I got a class for everyone. Just hit ya boi up!! #MJ #Thriller #hiphop #Dance #Kiddos

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Taki Taki is done! Getting into some new new next Friday!! Thank you for everyone that has been coming. If your curious about my classes get at me on my DMs or FB. Always willing to help anyone out. Come get ya skills on with ya boi. Had fun with this one. Almost fell at the end lol. Let's get the weekend started!!! @djsnake @ozuna @iamcardib @selenagomez #TakiTaki #Leggo #Ochoreo #HipHop #GetYaDanceSkillsUpWithYaBoi #LetsGetIt

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Tonight my teens did that. Getting use to being in front of a camera. Pushing the jitters away to perform in a different manner rather than the usual recital stage. Still working on more but proud of these kids hard work thus far. The improvement continues to blossom. Proud teacher as well proud in all my classes. Just had to give these kids the shine. Had to hit that @champagnepapi #GodsPlan tonight. Get ya kid in class and let them learn a side they never knew about themselves. Message me for details about my classes. #Ochoreo #LareoComingUp #BuildingBeasts #ForWeAreBeast #Raza

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Tonight's combo and doing it one last time next Friday! 7:30pm at @laredoscd ! Come catch the vibe and push yourself in your dance. Adding more to finish it next week so be ready! #djsnake @djsnake #ozuna @ozuna #cardib @imcardieb #selenagomez @selenagomez #Jam #Ochoreo #TakiTaki #Leggo

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