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Orlando Moreno  Teacher/Choreographer/Dancer Laredo,Tx Find what works for you, so you won't have to feel like you're working. #Love #Unity #Community #Equals

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Yoooooo today was just a great day of classes man!! Thank you to my students at @laredoscd for bringing the heat on a already hot summer!!! Get ya fix and don't be a stiffy!! 7pm Fridays to get ya weekend going!! 🎵Mi Gente🎵 by J. Balvin and Willy William

#Ochoreo #reggaton #HipHop #WeDancingThisMonth #Comegetyours #BuildConfidence #Buildperformance #allwhileHavingFun

Gotta give it to these two. Thanks for sharing the floor with me. Can't wait to see how y'all grow up as dancers. Thanks again @marylous_dance !!

Thank you S.A. Most importantly thank you @laniepile for bringing me up again for y'all's company intensive. The energy has me in awe by these kids. Sorry I couldn't stay to chat some more. @marylous_dance Wolf Pack 🐺 got some serious business coming up this year. Wish y'all a great season!! #NoPareSigueSigue # WeWorked #WeSweated #GotTested #improvementsComing #IseesIt #energywasLIT

Photo credit by J.J Torres. Called it "The Dreamer". I call it the recollection of all material we just learned within the past two weeks, while my brain makes sense of it all lol. Love the photo!! As well Ill probably will always be thinking of the dream. My dream. Which it's slowly becoming reality. Keep your head down and work in the shawdos. For when the time is right. The light you will cast will be seen by all!! Happy to have been getting to work with such talent here in my hometown as well as our new family from Puerto Rico and New Jersey. Let's give the Laredo community a show they won't forget. To inspire those to really find the courage to chase their dream. #intheheights #PacienciaYFe #Chayooo #LookAtTheFireWorks #CarnivalDelBarrio #HipHop #Salsa #Merengue #Culture

Happy birthday shout out to one of my besties! Though we need more photos. This one is from last year's Halloween. Keep striving and pushing to get where you wanna be. Hope you have a wonderful day today!!! Many blessings and keep reaching the dream girl!!! Love ya and miss ya but I'll hope to see ya soon!! #Beff #Bethlaham #ItsYaBday #FamBam

Bringing this one back this Friday!! But make sure you catch class tonight!! 7:15pm for beginning Hip Hop. Learn to get your groove, rhythm, how to use your weight, and build confidence within your dance. Tonight @laredoscd !! Don't miss out!! #HipHop #Ochoreo #MiGente #DondeEstan #LetsMakeSummerHotter #CatchtheGroove #fullbody

Proud of any one who comes into my classes. Not because I'm teaching but because I don't play around. I care for the process of learning movement. I don't care for teaching long combos, for that 50sec clip. I care that each of my students take something from class that they can improve on and find more about themselves through movement. June was a killer month of classes and it continues July 9th!! My colleague @junevh14 will be taking over jazz funk for July and I promise she will get ya where you need to be!! #JazzFunk #ABitOfWacking #NoNotProAtJazzFunk #ITeachWhatIKnowToBetterYourself #ToBecomeBetterThanMe #ThatMyGoalAsATeacher #AsWellHaveFunInTheProcess

When you go to full out you lose your right hand in the process😂. Been a good minute since I got to rock the stage doing hip hop and booyyy did I miss it. It won't be the last though😎. The seeds I've planted are starting to grow. Paciencia y Fe!! Everything will come but you gotta make sure you are putting in the work. Loved sharing the stage with my students and colleague @junevh14 !! The energy we shared was amazing!! Next year though bigger and better!! #Opop #Ochoreo #HipHop #DowhatyaLuv #MakeYourOwnRichs #BeHumble #KnowWhatYourGrindingFor #LSCDShowcase #WhamBam

When you wanna be apart of the team. Needless to say been happy on how Mexico's been playing in the world cup. Wednesday!! #LaVerde #

Been working on my freestyle since this video was recorded about a year ago or so. Got to dance for the crowd at @laredoborderslam , as well hear some great poetry from my raza here. I haven't been able to go to the Slam but hopefully I'll be going again soon enough. Wish I could crop this video because the last part was my fav of this freestyle lol. Hope y'all enjoy and got some things in the works. #Opop #Hiphop #SlammingWithMovement #StillWorkingToGetBetter #ButItAllComesFromTheHeart #LaredoTx #Raza #Culture #CheapTacos

Make sure you catch my Fridays class this week!! It's the last one before we go back at it in July!!! Working on how to move within the space, making your lines strong and sharp, and learn to be in the pressure cooker for we gotta prepare to become great and prepare for all that comes with dance. So come train with me!!! You will see results!! @laredoscd #LSCDSummer18 #hiphopcommercial #LaredoTx #ForWeGotTalent #LetsAddTheWork

No filter needed. For what. Her beauty and strong mind are amongst the many other great reasons why I love this girl. #WCW and all other days. @melibee93

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