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Orla Gartland  on tour supporting @doddleoddle / ‘why am I like this?’ out now

TOURLA/TOADIE. 📷 : @sammosounds

WARSAW. you are cold & beautiful, I can’t wait to play here tonight. also I just got verified on insta so yes I am above u x

Berlin, you were amazing. these shows have been magic


the response to ‘why am I like this?’ has been overwhelming, the most nuts reaction to a song of mine so far.. thank you for sharing it, singing it, for finding something in it. plz keep adding it to your playlists & shouting about it from the rooftops while thinking of everything you’ve ever regretting doing 💀

here’s the next yearbook photo, to the right of the one you see in the single artwork.. these shots were art directed by @kardashoon , styled by @badglamour , shot by @_____s.e , edited by @demiiwhiffin ! playing a bunch of different characters was the most feckckkckkin fun I’ve ever had in front of a camera (lol i don’t smoke i can’t even hold it properly) x

HAMBURG. maybe my fave show yet

‪COLOGNE, that was incredible. my heart is so full‬. there is nothing like a @doddleoddle crowd. 📷 : @sammosounds

well @spotify added ‘why am I like this?’ to a playlist called SAD SONGS so happy valentines to me


paris. 📷 : @ninarichard1

so here’s where your girl will be for the next couple weeks - supporting my absolute fave @doddleoddle across europe & the UK ⚡️ most shows are sold out but a couple tix left for some (including tonight in antwerp) so have a google & you might get lucky

the reaction to ‘why am I like this?’ has been nuts. thank you for listening, for maybe even recognising parts of your own character in a song about me exploring mine. also shoutout to all of u in the secret demo club who submitted backing vocals - u are forever embedded in the track and to mE that is cool. link in my bio - plz keep listening & spreading the word, make a ginger’s dreams come true today x

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