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Orla Harrington  🌿Irish vegan, minimalist, daydreamer. 🌺Take time to make your soul happy. 🐾@heyharper_

Two things I am currently spending waaay too much of my paycheck on: the supersweet range of berries from @tescoirl and this cocoa, cashew, almond and spelt granola from @wkkellogg_uk 🤗 I have a feeling that this will be my breakfast pretty much every day this summer... 🍓🌾

No matter how carefully I arrange my veggies, I can never get my pizzas to turn out pretty. 🍕 Yep, I need to get a life. 🙈😂

“I can’t get the strawberries to sit right on the pancakes!”
“You need to cut the bottoms off them, then they’ll balance.” 🍓
Find a man who has impressive insta know-how, and will eat his pancakes cold after your twenty minute photoshoot. He also made the pancakes, I am ridiculously lucky. 😭❤️

Currently living through the busiest week of my 24 years of life. But it’s cool. Just taking on each day with a positive attitude and a soya flat white, I got this. 😘☕️✨

The crispiest, stickiest, yummiest maple garlic buffalo bites with sweet potato fries and salad. This is how you Monday. 👌🏻 What are you guys eating this week? My meal plan is incomplete, I’d love to try out some new meals. 😋🌿

When a Sunday starts with cinnamon rolls, croissants and your favourite people, you know it’s gonna be a good one. ☀️ Have a wonderful week, friends. 🍓

One of my all time favorite dishes veganised - mac & cheese with nuggets and broccoli! 🧀🥦 Some much needed comfort food after getting a lot of grownup stuff done today... Now the candles are all lighting, I’ve got a glass of wine in hand, and I’m gonna binge watch The Big Bang Theory until bedtime. I am a very happy camper right now. 😁 What does your ideal cozy evening look like? 🌙

Spring is finally here, and I feel like a new woman. 🐝 Sunshine and daylight have a huge effect on my mental health, I find it so much easier to stay positive and energetic when I actually get to see the sun for a few hours each day. What’s it like where you are, has Spring finally made an appearance yet? 😌🌷

If you HAD to choose between avocado or hummus, which would it be? And also, has there ever been a more difficult question to answer? 😋🌿

How do normal people put their food on plates? Because I honestly have no idea at this point. 😂 Even the meals that don’t make it to insta are plated meticulously, I need to stop.
ANYWAAY here is a bowl of fruit that I definitely did not eat today (check my insta story for my deliciously unhealthy Easter eats 🐰), but it’s pretty and I wanted you to see my pretty fruit, oh my goodness someone please take my phone from me, I’ve lost my mind. Gonna go take a nap, all the cake has gone to my head. OKAY BYEEEE. 🤗💕

This was probably the best avocado toast I will ever have in my entire life. 🥑 I really need to get back to London just for @cupcakesandshhht asap. And the coffee.. We’ve already discussed the coffee, you know my feelings. I just have so much love for this gorgeous little café. 🌿

I found this quote a little while ago, and it speaks to my soul. I feel like I am constantly changing, constantly learning, constantly growing. And I never want that to stop. You get one life, so give it your everything. Be proud of your ever changing masterpiece. 🎨

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