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Orla Harrington  🌿Irish vegan, minimalist, daydreamer. πŸ’Œ harrington.orla@gmail.com 🐾 @heyharper_

We finally got around to trying the chives flavoured cream cheese by Sheese and we are obsessed! 😍 I pretty much had this every day for lunch or breakfast until the tub was gone, I couldn't stop. No regrets.

It's shoutout time! πŸ€“ I've been ooohing and ahhhing over this account for the longest time, this girl sure knows how to Instagram! For tasty, healthy and beautiful food inspiration, go check out @teaspoonofhealth 🌿✨

Oh hey, just over here eating a rainbow bowl of veggies to try and kick this cold that's threatening to ruin my week. 🌈 I always feel so cheated when I get sick, I mean excuse me, body. Why do I bother feeding you healthy foods if this is how you repay me?! No more complaining, I know I'm a complete brat when I'm sick. πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ
This yummy bowl consisted of mashed potatoes, sundried tomato hummus, sweetcorn and quinoa bites from @goshfreefrom and lots of salad. Have a super duper week, all! 🌿

Evening walks with my two favourites. πŸ¦‹
If you missed that story, we rescued a beautiful staffy named Harper three weeks ago just as she was about to end up in a shelter. Staffordshire Terriers do not do very well in shelters due to their undeserved reputation. They are statistically less likely to be adopted and are usually put to sleep due to overcrowding. So we are very grateful to have been able to give this gorgeous girl a home, and we love her to bits already. πŸ–€
If you'd like to follow her adventures more closely, then head over to her very own Instagram account @heyharper_ 🐾

FROOOT. πŸ€“ Days off consist of giant bowls of food, puppy cuddles and binge watching my favourite shows (let's pretend for a second that I'm not a grownup with cleaning to do, laundry to fold, or appointments to make - though I did all of that as well, because I've got this adulting thing down for once πŸ’ͺ🏻)... Happy Friday, Foodies! Have a lovely weekend. πŸ˜ŒπŸ’•

I wish I enjoyed porridge and smoothie bowls more so I could fill my Instagram feed with pretty breakfast bowls like a real vegan instagrammer. πŸ’” This morning I actually wanted porridge for once, so of course I went all out with the toppings for the photo opportunity. πŸ˜„
So here we have oats cooked in @oatly oat milk (oat oat oat πŸ’πŸΌ), frozen berries, banana, flaxseed and cinnamon. I even made a maple syrup and tahini sauce to drizzle on top... It kind of blooped instead of drizzled, but I had good intentions. 🌿

We finally found a Thai green curry paste suitable for vegans! Thanks @tescoirl πŸ€“ This is a veganised version of a dinner that boyfriend and I used to love pre-vegan. It's always nice to revisit an old favourite. πŸ’š We used @quorn_uk vegan fillets, lots of veggies, some cashews, coconut milk and curry paste, and it was delish. πŸ˜‹

I may have started off yesterday as a stressed out, exhausted, sobbing mess of a woman... But I passed my dreaded driving test and boyfriend brought me home these beautiful flowers. It turned into a pretty special Monday after all. ☺️✨

There's been a lot of brown on my feed lately... We haven't been the healthiest vegans. πŸ’© But here's a little side salad with our brown stuff. Baby steps. 😁🌿
Cannelloni stuffed with bolognese, then covered in a cheesy béchamel sauce with extra grated cheese on top. And, of course, garlic bread and salad. Happy Monday, foodies! Have a super duper week. ❀️

Sushi and wine in front of the fire with my favourite guy and my favourite woof. Sunday night done right. ❀️
Avocado maki, inari nigiri, vegetable gyoza and age tofu udon. Honestly, I don't remember the last time I got this excited about food. πŸ€“ Oh, and shoutout to @goodseeds_ and @allylouisa_ for encouraging me to try miso soup for the first time (it didn't make the photo because I took this photo on my white bedspread, and I was waaay too hungry to guarantee that I wouldn't spill it) - it is unbelievable, I am hooked!
I hope you all found something about this weekend to make you as happy and content as this food made me. 😌✨

Basic car selfie because what else are you supposed to do when boyfriend is getting petrol. πŸŽ€

I have a food baby and I am so happy about it. Mexican is always a hit in our house. ❀️ We used some vegan @quorn_uk fillets chopped up with some mushrooms, peppers, red cabbage and onion as the main fajita filling, and we also had some Mexican rice, refried beans, salsa, avocado and tomatoes. Fajitas? Burritos? I'm not really sure, but they tasted sensational. πŸ₯‘πŸŒΆπŸ”₯

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