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Organics Alive  We strive for sustainable gardening through enhanced vermiculture and biological applications.


What's Up IE! We're down here at @grassrootshydro Lake Elsinore!! Come down and say what's Up!🔥🤙😎🌱

What's up Anza!! We're posted up at @grassrootshydro today! Take a break and come on down to learn about our lineup of Organic fertilizers, Fermentations, soil amendments and microbial solution. We have samples for you to try in your fall gardens and some great tips on separating your full season garden above the rest!! 😎🔥🌱
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This gardener is going to have a successful round!!👊🌱🔥😍
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“You can’t blame the youth” so we are going to teach them. Thanks to programs like Jane Goodall’s organization @rootsandshoots there are great people teaching real life applicable topics. I am stoked to be part of it. I shared about worms, worm castings and vermicomposting on a home and commercial scale. The discussion went deep into different types of earthworms, how worms reproduce, what they eat and if they know who there parents are. That last topic is one to be studied. #thankful #teachthemyoung #youcantblametheyouth #organicsalive

@lahabrahydroponics has been supporting and showing love since day one.🙏 Everyone who knows Rob knows what I'm talking about when I say one in a billion.😎 Thank you Karl and Mo for working so hard!🍻 You guys crush it everyday.
Hit up your favorite garden store for samples and swag!🔥Yew!
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The co-owners of Organics Alive stepping away from daily life. To leave our comfort zone and reach for humility is important to us. To be humble makes us better as family men, and business men, and uplifts our soul. We return as better people able to give more, learn more and be grateful for our lives and surroundings. Organics Alive began because we simply wanted to garden without affecting our playground. 🙏🏄‍♂️🤙
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As you will see in upcoming posts, Organics Alive has been creating technology to meet certain areas of plant development. The goal is to reach maximum genetic potentials and maximum plant immunity.
In this sequence of pictures we focus on plant energy management. All the fermentation extracts above specifically help on a cellular level.
The FCB (fermented castor bean) helps regulate the moisture and stress of the plant by helping cool itself down using Poly Ethylene glycol ricinolate fermented from legumes and castor bean. This reflects excess radiation from the hot sun and lights. This allows the ATP (energy) that comes from the mitochondria that cools down the chloraplast to be used more efficiently in some cases not being used for the cooling process and used for plant growth energy. So in other words, foliar spraying this material helps maintain relative water content in the cell keeping cells turgid and thriving.
Our FPT (humic acid) is the highest source of humic acid, testing at 27%. Composition is Long chain open organic acids and amino acids with high molecular weights. Including phenolic (which eliminates PM) carboxylic, quinoaid, and peptides. Long chain organic functional groups increase nutrient exchange, sugars, chlorophyll synthesis, increased microbial communities and stress tolorance.
Our FPF which is being used by many gardeners is a high source of Fulvic acid and amino acids designed for nutrient uptake, efficient cellular development, and really helps increase your brix and terpene development.
All of these products are 100% organic and will provide maximum plant growth potential. Organics Alive is ushering in a new standard for Organic gardening, In a time when it is needed the most.🙏🤙 #organicsalive #bringbiologybacktoitsroots #organic #zerosaltfertilizer #nopesticides
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Organics Alive V-series fertilizers.🔥
Carbon based nutrients derived from microbes, but are absent of any microbes in the material, making them stable and keeping biological balance within your growing medium. These pictures are dry powders that are 100% soluble. Not colloidal which organic providers like to pass as soluble. They exclude any salts or chemicals and are 100% organic. The nutrients are attached to carbon making them readily available and accessible by the plants, launching a new era of organic gardening. These can be applied as a foliar spray as well. Organics Alive has always been on the front lines of innovation, bringing the very best quality products and plant response to the community. #youhavetogrowtoknow and growing organically is our passion.🙏
#organicsalive #bringbiologybacktoitsroots #organic #zerosaltfertilizer #nopesticides #garden #cannabis #organicsalivecommunity🤙

What's up IE!!! Head down to @hydroponicsinc
For all your #organicsalive nutrients, soil amendments and microbial solution!! Appreciate the Love! 🔥😎🍻🤙 #Repost @hydroponicsinc with @repostinstaapp
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In 2002 @OrganicsAlive was formed as a sustainable Bio-tech company to provide gardeners with another option from toxic chemical fertilizers and to advocate an all-natural, organic and sustainable method of gardening and agriculture. Their method of composting is truly revolutionary and is at the forefront of Green sustainable technology. Organics Alive’ core technology can help achieve solutions to several social, economic and environmental problems afflicting human society one being safe and sustainable food production.

Organics Alive focuses on four main concepts: Crop Nutrient management, Genetics, Crop Management, Crop energy Management. By addressing these four concepts your garden will be more bountiful, your crops immunity will increase, and fruits will be much richer in profile increasing financial and nutritious value.

What's up IE!! It's a beautiful Saturday night to stop by the #hydrosesh at @hydroponicsinc!! Great people, food and vendors to check out!!! Stop by the booth and say what's up!! #organicsalive #bringbiologybacktoitsroots #organic

These fertilizers are derived from Microbial extract by-product. They are not animal derived. They do not contain any salts[0] chemicals or non essential heavy metals. The nutrients are readily available and do not need microbial interaction to make them available to your plant. They are extremely effective, efficient and clean. The nutrients hitch a ride on carbon rather than salts and are 100% organic and soluble. They are available in dry soluble powders 3 part, liquid 2 part, and granular. Next level!👊 #organicsalive #bringbiologybacktoitsroots #organic #zerosaltfertilizer #cannabis #gardening #nopesticides #youhavetogrowtoknow

Organics Alive is introducing its full line of all organic products here at the Central Garden Dealer show in Vegas! We are very excited to bring the garden community All organic and innovative Fertilizers available in, Dry Soluble, slow release Granular and Liquid forms. These are non animal based, derived from Microbial ferments, but are absent of any microbes. They exclude salts, chemicals and heavy metals. Our Fermentation liquids include Fulvic/amino acids, Humic acid and a Stress manager all derived from plants, seeds and grains with a 1ml usage application. And of course our Microbial Solutions which includes balanced and diverse biology, all derived from our core Worm Castings line up. It's going to be a great year!!!🙏👊💪🤙
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