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Vee  • m/w @lilacs.greentea • I use MedibangPaintPro ❗️ no requests ❗️ [ 8/69 debts cleared ]


Hi I'm just gonna throw this @ u guys I'm bored so I did this and lance looks so bad but idc #klance #voltron

Finished my sketch trades. I'm sorry some of them didn't turn out as great as they could've T-T I'm so sorry I'm struggling with my art style ❤️

My (late) part of and art trade with @planium.arts ❤️❤️ hope you like it

Art trade with @tenrihen !! Yes I drew her in a maid outfit for the initial sketch 😤 I didn't like it so I changed it to her ocs outfit. Hope you like it !! #tenriocs

Art trade with @watersausage ❤️❤️ included my rough sketch in there T-T it's so messy I hate showing it. Also tried a new hair shading style and I'm sufferinG. #sorasbadocs

I just wanna say that I love pais a lot and she means so much to me and I just want her to be happy okay good

( CLOSED - @killuwatt guessed right with mikan, riko and nozomi ) this is going to be embarrassing if no one tries to guess omg I didn't think about this. If you can guess 3 characters or 3 anime/manga that I adore you can have this grill ^^

I drew @yigahclan 's OC. (Still butthurt how he didn't let me give her the title of SHSL big catcher but oh well) I always wanted to draw her but I never got around to it until now. There's a little doodle at the end that is what would happen if she was a bug catcher 😂

!! Some of you might have been there for my first #meettheartist but I've updated my persona and some stuff since then so I decided to do a new one ! Feel free to ask any questions that you are curious about ❤️ (the colours in the persona is the exact opposite of me OMG just realised) ~~ I forgot to add in the games but I also play csgo, some of the sakura games and cod:bo2 and ghosts !! #ordindairy_persona

!! Look it's one of my favourite youtubers !! I've always planned to make a fanart for her since I saw her Heathers Cover but she made a new persona so I thought it was a good idea :) the hair was hell to colour I'm glad it's done lmao

yayay it exported. Another one of the requests. Mimi from Battle Girls High School!! There's also a speedpaint if your swipe left :-) lmk if you want me to continue recording my progress next time I'll record the sketch #bghs #mimi (song// somebody else - 1975 cover by dodie)

look it's kagura from gintama !! Very messy but I don't dislike it for once ?? I've only watched 17 episodes of gintama but I know she's hella cool. This was a request by @mahoutsukou ❤️❤️ #kagura #gintama

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