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Cover art for @ice._desu 's upcoming cover of "Alien Alien" ❤️❤️👽 I hope you like it #alienalien

check my story to see my suffering jdjdjdj cover art for @toxicpais 's cover of Human Allergy

Some drawings from the past couple of days !!

#koyoccontest @kinumochiii 's oc Yuki for our art trade 💗 #yukiyukiyuki_oc #konshioc

I don't ever posts wips but since I'm not too active I'll post this !! I hope you like my new oc, Christa!! (you can see more of her in my story) ❤️❤️❤️ #ordindairy_ocs #ordindairy_christa

Had a lot of fun doing this ! Which one is your favourite? For me I really like twin tails it's so cute ;0; #futabasakura #futaba #persona5 #hairstylechallenge

All are referenced from Melyssah6-Stock on deviant art. Drew these to pass the time whilst waiting for some downloads. Also they're numbered in the order I drew them !

To the fictional 2D character that changed my life. Tsumiki Mikan. Happy birthday. It feels odd writing about someone who isn't real. But it's true I love mikan so much. She's made me realise how dynamic and fun you can make characters and it's so crazy how much I can relate to her. I honestly can't put into words how much tsumiki means so me. It's weird but danganronpa was a huge challenge for me as the games were difficult for me at the time. The themes were pretty dark but from falling in lewd positions all the time she would always lighten the mood. Whenever there was free time in the games I'd always go searching through each island for her just so I could hang out with her. Her execution was so odd but it suited her so much. I've met so many internet friends and mutuals through dr and I'm so glad I've gotten so many experiences. Honestly happy birthday to my fictional wife, ily mikan. ❤️❤️🎉 [sorry for not crediting the artists and I didn't make a birthday art I'm sorr y ily mik] #mikantsumiki EDIT : she HONESTLY deserves the world #permanantpost

Art trade with @tenrihen !! Yes I drew her in a maid outfit for the initial sketch 😤 I didn't like it so I changed it to her ocs outfit. Hope you like it !! #tenriocs

Art trade with @watersausage ❤️❤️ included my rough sketch in there T-T it's so messy I hate showing it. Also tried a new hair shading style and I'm sufferinG. #sorasbadocs

just gonna throw this @ anyone who has trouble shading skin I mean it's not like I'm AMAZING but eh oh well. I might do more of these bc they're really relaxing. Also a tip when colouring is that don't hold back on the darkness on the colour !! It will not be as noticeable once the entire piece is done so don't hold back

to asha, wowowow happy birthday. I can't express how much you mean to me. At first I was just trying to win your competition. Then I was trying to get you to ditch max. And now I'm wishing you a happy birthday. The amount of laughs you've given is too many that I deserve. Youve pulled me out of my xxxn so many times and I'm so thankful for that. You're such an amazing person and I'm so happy that you're my friend. Even though we don't talk that often I'm still glad that we share so many memories together. I still remember how nervous I was when I sent you the entry for my competition and thanks to you I made this account and I've improved to much from October last year. THANKYOU, thankyou so much. Ilysm and I hope YOU have an amazing day and I really wish you the best for the future. With both your studies and max. Everything will work out. Happy birthday. ❤️

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