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The Proverbial "that guy"  Back to my roots no more toys pics Old tags still apply to find my old pics and new ones from @JetpackBlues #startwars, #stormies, #filteredtodeath

12:30am. It's foggy and unbelievably quiet in this neighborhood. The last time I remember being somewhere this quiet was a few years back when I was in the woods on Cadillac Mountain. Certainly never anything near this silence living in NY #southmountainreservation #newhome #foggy #hopetheresnobears #nj #silence

I Was Walken Through The Park One Day #newyork #nyc #bwphoto #blackandwhitephotography #cityscape #citylife #christopherwalken #queens #park I posted a different picture on my main account and remembered that this used to be where I posted most of my city/street snapshots

A Better Future #nyc #newyork #manhattan #blackandwhitenewyorkcity #streetcandid #streetlife #cityscape #citylife #iphoneography I've been working in Manhattan since I was twenty, always with jobs that have me traversing it from end to end each day. There have always been homeless people,but lately (and by lately I mean the last few years) the amount of able bodied young white kids sitting on corners with signs has increased an absurd amount. I started seeing them pop up shortly after 9/11. At the time they were always holding signs stating "need $X amount to get a bus home". Once I passed a girl with a sign saying she only needed 20 more dollars for a ticket on 7th Ave and 23rd. I gave her 20. I saw here two weeks later with the same sign off of third avenue. I engaged in conversation with her and found out she was essentially a student who did this on short days and netted anywhere between 10-35 dollars an hour. Needless to say that was the last time I dropped a dollar to these bus ticket grifters. While you still see those guys occasionally i feel like you see a scene like this more often. Is this a new grift? Are these kids actually homeless? Why do they always have dogs? Why do they always have signs and never, ever actually verbal ask for anything?

Under The Bridge #nyc #ny #newyork #manhattan #manhattanbridge #skatepark #hdr #citylife #cityscape #street #streetphotography #bridge #walkthroughthecity Eventually the city accepted skateboarding enough to build a skate park or two. Growing up there were none, at least none worth going to. You skated were you found cool places to skate. This park is under the manhattan bridge. I, as many others, skated under the Brooklyn Bridge (the banks) But that was a long tome ago. I heard it referred to as a skate park in recent years, which makes me think it got some renovations to make it more "skateable". it was gonna be closed once, but Steve Rodriquez fough to keep it open but I believe its closed now because of construction on the bridge

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