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  When life gives you Taylor Swift, be a swiftie.

Remember the legendary scarf? #iftaylorandiwerefriends

Cats don't like me. #iftaylorandiwerefriends

I REALLY love sweeran's friendship. #iftaylorandiwerefriends

Just a joke. I will never sell her autograph on ebay. Ever. #iftaylorandiwerefriends

I don't steal in real life. #iftaylorandiwerefriends

Remember when i told you that i will steal your oven mitts if you don't invite me to the introduction of album 5? #iftaylorandiwerefriends

IT IS REALLY NOT MY FAULT #iftaylorandiwerefriends

@taylorswift i'm allergic to awesomeness sometimes. #iftaylorandiwerefriends

I think me being a swiftie is better than me being her friend.. #iftaylorandiwerefriends

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