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Orangetreeprivatecare  Care for vulnerable children/elderly & their pets/animal therapy/donations to children, elderly & pets of food etc #orangetreeprivatecareforelderly

Don’t forget we are the cheapest residential home in the whole of the uk to what we know of ! Also if your staying long term you can bring a pet ♥️ we are in hospital brochures and if your able to get NHS funding your care with us could be completely free ♥️ #residentalcare #daycare #helpingelderly #helpingchildren #helpinganimals #animaltherapy #themedrooms #leicestershire #loughborough #gettingoldbook #bobanddarkie #bestcare #lowcost #numberslow #dementiacare @animalsfordementia @animalsfortherapy @corrinelough @rupertbearlough1350 @orangetreeprivatecare #orangetreeprivatecare

Some more money was sent to Bob & Darkie today from our proceeds from our book #gettingoldbook featuring the wonderful #bobanddarkie in cartoon style 😍 what a wonderful gift and your helping others at the same time by buying the book available from our website now with worldwide shipping ♥️ we donate food, clothes, toys, our fake moving animals, pet food, pet items plus help lots of elderly & their pets plus vulnerable children with very low cost residential care & daycare ♥️ we can also help elderly with their pets ♥️ if you know anyone needing any help from the above groups send a message to our website ♥️ we all can learn from our book about #animaltherapy & #dementiaawareness #educatingeveryone #educatingchildren #helpinganimals #helpingelderly #helpingchildren ♥️ @orangetreeprivatecare @animalsfortherapy @animalsfordementia @rupertbearlough1350 @corrinelough #peoplewithhearts ♥️ Bob & Darkie get a share for life ♥️

Thanks for all your book orders, your people with hearts ♥️♥️♥️♥️ #bobanddarkie will love the extra cash and we are helping so many elderly & their pets plus children that have suffered trauma or vulnerable children. Our books are posted out by second class signed and as we have been so busy please bare with they will arrive in a few days ♥️ if you know any elderly & their pets that live alone or vulnerable children suffering/suffered trauma please let us know as we have food vouchers, clothes, toys, our fake moving animals, pet food, pet items etc that we can donate plus our free visits where possible, daycare & residential care free or very low costs we have available ♥️ so don’t be shy we understand how expensive life can be right now especially when you live alone. Just send a message to our website ♥️ #helpingothers #helpingelderly #helpinganimals #helpingchildren #animalsfortherapy #dementiaawareness #animalsfortherapy @orangetreeprivatecare @corrinelough @animalsfordementia @animalsfortherapy @rupertbearlough1350 when you receive the book please post a photo of yourself or your pet reading the book or just your hand holding the book and write #gettingoldbook or #bobanddarkie and it helps to spread the word about our free donations & free or low cost services like #daycare #residentialcare #freevisits #leicestershire #loughborough #authorhousepublishing #booksofinstagram #peoplewithhearts ♥️♥️♥️

Eddybear & Bonniebear ♥️♥️♥️♥️

What a beautiful day yesterday ❤️ a great day for the uk 🇬🇧 and everyone to celebrate 🎉 #britishmonarchy #royalweeding ❤️🇬🇧❤️🇬🇧

Our little #bonniebear♥️ have you bought our book yet from our website? Only £12.99 with worldwide shipping ♥️ all about #animaltherapy #dementiaawareness suitable for children in cartoon style featuring the wonderful #bobanddarkie ♥️ all proceeds go back into helping the elderly, their pets plus vulnerable children ♥️ what a great way to get a gift and help others ♥️ Bob & Darkie get a share for life too ♥️ #helpingothers #themedrooms #residentialcare #daycare #activities #educatingchildren #helpinganimals #loughborough #leicestershire #petcareservices ♥️

Me and my lion 🦁 posing 😂 good morning from Eddybear ♥️ don’t forget to buy our cartoon book featuring Bob & Darkie to help them plus lots of other elderly people & their pets plus vulnerable children with our free donations like food, clothes, toys, pet food & pet items plus our free daycare & residential care where possible or very low cost care ♥️♥️♥️ #helpingothers #gettingoldbook #animaltherapy @corrinelough @orangetreeprivatecare @animalsfortherapy @animalsfordementia @rupertbearlough1350 ♥️

Good morning from the beautiful Eddybear named after #edsheeran @teddysphotos ♥️♥️♥️ @orangetreeprivatecare @corrinelough @animalsfortherapy @animalsfordementia @rupertbearlough1350

We have rescued a beautiful labradoodle and we have called him Ed after one of our authors famous supporter of her book #gettingoldbook featuring #bobanddarkie ♥️He is gentle and calm and named after #edsheeran 😍 @teddysphotos Eddy the Teddybear (eddybear) he is very similar in the face to @rupertbearlough1350 who we sadly lost and Frankie who we lost a few years ago. As soon as we saw Ed we knew he was the one for us and we love him to bits and he is settling in fine ♥️ we can’t wait to train him as our therapy dog and he will also be going around with @corrinelough the author of our book to visit schools, animal rescues, care homes and to visit children and elderly in the community if they wish when we donate food, clothes, toys, pet items, pet food or an item they need or one of our lovely fake animals to vulnerable children or elderly who can’t keep a real pet for whatever reason. #animalsfortherapy #animalsfordementia @orangetreeprivatecare @rupertbearlough1350 @corrinelough @animalsfortherapy @animalsfordementia ♥️ we love you Eddybear ♥️♥️

Our #gettingoldbook featuring #bobanddarkie is available to order on our website now ♥️ all proceeds from our book sales and donations go towards helping vulnerable children, the elderly & their pets ♥️ £12.99 #animaltherapy #dementiaawareness #educatingchildren #residentialcare #daycare #bestratesintown #themedrooms 😍 not only are our residential rates free where possible we also donate items to the above groups like food, clothes, toys, pet items, pet food and our fake moving animals ♥️ fill out the form on our website if you know anyone in Leicestershire needing any help ♥️ #leicestershire #leicester #loughborough

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