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There is not one person I have worked with who is an empath or energetically sensitive who is also not a powerful psychic intuitive. Some are in different stages of awareness of it and some are not aware at all of this ability because they get tripped up on isolation and recovery and managing their own energy so they can be in the world. Empathy is a precious gift from spirit that is informing the very imprint of your life. You don't have to remain in the belief that you need to isolate or recuperate because you are an empath. It's not a condition or a disease! It's a superpower! And, you have this awareness for a reason. It is there for you use. Use its ability, be empowered by its strength, beauty and wonder, its gifts will lead you to your purpose🔮💜🦄 #empaths

@Regrann from @createthelove - Read this. 👆🏻 And ps. You're loved. #createthelove

❤️😍💋Secretly you heart craves happiness. It is its natural state. Led it lead❤️#freedom #happiness

@Regrann from @horaciojones - I'll listen to every song on your playlists and rewatch your favorite movies and even read your books. eat at your favorite places, trace your stretch marks with my fingers, read about your culture and study your language. this is what I would do for someone I'm in love with. I want to know why you are the person you are today. I want to know you better. these are ways to learn to love you better. what do you care about? I want to love the parts of you that you hate. I want to know your insecurities. I want to learn your body language, the things you do that you're not conscious of. I want to hear about your goals and values. I want to know what scares the shit out of you and what makes you keep living. I want to do all of this IN MODEEATION because although this sounds beautiful, I never want to be obsessed, just very invested. Finding someone who is truly interested in everything that concerns you is rare. nowadays, it's either too much or not enough. #horaciojones

Oh no baby, it's time to rise😎🦁💋#leoseason

Urgent Message From Archangel Michael ~ Day Out of Time, Galactic New Year and the Lion’s Gate

By Archangel Michael, 07/24/2017
Greetings Dear Ones, I AM here to provide an update on the upcoming energetic alignment. The Day Out of Time, the Galactic New Year and the Lion’s Gate is upon you. Some of your indigenous brothers and sisters knew of these important astrological alignments, and their significance. The Lion’s Gate portal initialize on July 26th and climax August 8th. The next phase in the Divine Plan is unfolding in conjunction with these energies. Sirius will play a grand part in the Ascension of Our Beloved Mother Earth and those whom choose to Ascend with Her. Let us delve deeper into these energies to gain clarity, and propel the planet and those choosing the Heart, into Higher Consciousness. As always, Awareness transforms into Consciousness.

The Day Out of Time
The Day Out of Time, is powerful day of Manifestation, Conscious Expansion and Unity. It is a day where all can become immersed in the Unified Field of Consciousness…. Unity Consciousness, and can set forth intention to the Universe, and have those dreams and wishes come to fruition on a collective level. The intentions set forth must be from the Heart, as there are no energies to support the lower energies of the mind. We are moving from the mind to the Heart, this is what the Ascension is about and more. All these energies are working in alignment with the Galactic New Year and the Lion’s Gate Portal. All can become One with Prime Creator, Mother of All Creation, Great Spirit, The Holy Spirit, and birth the New Paradigm…. The Golden Age… The Age of Innocence. Choose Love, Choose the Heart and Be Love in Action. Mediation will be invaluable to all during these moments, as the light codes coming in will assist in accelerating the Ascension Process. Especially the codes coming from Sirius.👇🏻🔮💞#lionsgate #dayoutoftime

By Meg Benedicte

The Sun moved into the fiery, passionate sign of Leo today, Saturday, July 22nd. We also see star Sirius rising every morning on the horizon with the Sun. The annual 8:8 Lion’s Gate occurs on August 8th and is the time of year when our planet aligns with Star Sirius and the Galactic Center, creating a harmonious portal that unites “matter and antimatter”. Leo is the sign of the ‘heart center’ and signifies the personal individuation of your Divinity, as the dormant Soul DNA awakens and activates in your human energy field. During this event a Stargate is fully opened, streaming intense Light waves from the Great Central Sun, through our Sun, The Star Sirius, the Earth Grid Point of the Sphinx and The Great Pyramid of Giza. When the Sun is conjunct Star Sirius it creates a Solar Stargate that pours Solar Star Codes for mastery and ascension directly from Sirius.

The annual 8-8 Lion’s Gate portal is a pivotal Cosmic Ascension event, as humanity and Gaia are thrust through the Lion’s Gate portal into the higher realms. Every being on the planet will be offered the choice to align with the original, divine Law of One.

Adding to the magic is a Lunar Eclipse at 15º Aquarius just hours before on August 7th.

Lunar Eclipses affect the emotional body and trigger childish patterns of behavior. Falling in the south node, the Lunar Eclipse enhances deeper emotional maturity and personal growth.

Combined with the 8-8 Lions Gate, the Lunar Eclipse launches two weeks of intense transformation while we hold space in the cosmic Reset Point on August 21st. During the Lion’s Gate Activation, the 8-8 “wave” contains the new Light Codes of the Cosmic Ascension for the next year/cycle. It is vitally important that you fully receive these codes, to awaken your Soul DNA, to support your quantum shift into Unity Consciousness. We are entering a powerful phase of planetary ascension and you won’t want to miss it!


Meg @king.a.khosro

Infinite Love🌎🙏😍 #lightworker #starseed

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