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Geovany Lopez 

1/2 of the OG crew

He told me I was "good people".y exact projection

Picture me rolling

Hey fool, I was in the middle of a rush when this stopped me dead in my tracks. Think it's chef trying to remind me it's "Goose, not Ducks Geovany..." @return.of.the.creeps_ Lol

While your trend has subsided, I'm still trying to catch all these fools.

Happy Birthday my love, you make our world a wonderful place. Making it worthwhile, I cherish and appreciate the patience you have for me. Thank you for one of the greatest gift of all time; love!

Relevant to your national holiday.. chots!! It's still an everyday event. Happy lovely day

I'm sincerely shy about my skateboarding being documented, but @skatelife06 got a cool flick. I just happened to be in it with a make lol. Thanks dudes @abrahamolague dope sesh

It's nuts! I'm so glad for the homies. They're are gonna be releasing a new album produced by dudes from The Adicts and Chicano Batman. It's gonna be killer, and it's gnarly how things work out.

@mvxitosikem Always has high quality products with great taste. His new coffee line is fuckin amazing. It truly is the real deal, can't wait to rip the new Ethiopian/Guatemalan blend. Thanks dude!

We find ourselves in a constant state of forgiveness and education. It's always inspiring visiting you Chiua. We've been waiting sometime for this, blessed my boy, can't wait to see ya next time.


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