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DJ Optic  FOR@BOOKINGS: Opticdnb@gmail.com http://youtu.be/PPm0SzvxnJM

Eye really wants her on stage, in front of ME, mixing jungle, being MC!!! Over My Sounds, would be a cool vibe! Only if she can.(HaHa!!!)

OH??? KNOW!!!!THERE IS TWO OF “HIM!!!” #DNB #DrumAndBass #jungle #junglist #junglists #junglistsoldier #junglistsoldiers

Eye ate! (Can’t help but see n speak with eyes 👀) #DNB #DrumAndBass #jungle #junglist #junglists #junglistsoldier #junglistsoldiers

Having a #braininjury, has brought me to think deeper into tha so complex #humanmind. As it is thinking for my NEXT great idea, it’s controlling my lungs ability, to deliver my blood, with the need for oxygen in my body’s cells,already scheduling my next appointment at the porcelain God’s Temple, for the release of unneeded waste from the intake of food I have put into my body. AS IT GENERATES, all the electricity needed, to send the electric impulses needed, to move my skeletal structure through the universe I have come to know to understand as “HOME.” STILL, giving one the freedom to think of what’s the most important thought, one is thinking of now! TOO COMPLEX FOR WORDS!!!;~}

Dedication NO BITCHING!!!

Only for lunch ;~| 🍕


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