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opticallyinclined  you're about to take a sip of opalescent moonshine.you'll notice notes of honky tonk and espana, with overtones of paint, sparkly paper,and the north.

#folkstoryfriday -- this one's about a woman accused of being a witch, with a broken heart and pentagrams for eyes.

me and the bad ass who gave me life, at the beach celebrating Venus Day (aka Feb. 14) <3 :) @stone.flood

fear not the snake
nor the water --
we are all born of the lake
and serpent
they've come to take you home again
and return you to your former human. :
the illustration and story poem I made for my first #folkstoryfriday! a purely for the fun of it art challenge/initiative by @maiastarkk shown to me by @kdrijber where she posts a snippet from a fairytale or folk story every week to give incentive and inspiration to create a piece of art. this is from a Russian folk tale about a girl who is forcibly carried from her cabin on land by droves of snakes into the pond near by where they pull her down to the depths and they all become humans. I've already enjoyed myself so much! thank you for creating a way to be dynamic and supportive with our fellow artists! #artistsunite

inspired by a certain herbalist I know (and love). #hekateherbals

painting dreams.


my bandita dreams made true by the one and only @_hellovintage_

I am inspired by her EVERYDAY!!! what a person to have as a sister, I truly feel so lucky for all that she gives with such honesty and heart and patience. A true calm warrior for love (the wisest kind), brave as brass, and a mind like a diamond of a thousand facets. Mystical in the most genuine and awe inspiring way. A leader I am so happy to be influenced by :) You rule! @pinklens

a foggy river sister's walk. being meditative by the river we grew up alongside helps us figure out the river system of our own bloodline and genetic beginnings and connections. she's just the best :) #scandi #nordic #river #magic