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Open Sea Design Co.  Creative Studio with a line of fine paper goods designed and printed in Brooklyn. We also offer comprehensive branding and design services.

#Vervain has been considered to have magical properties in many cultures throughout time. This herbaceous plant is used for insomnia, anxiety, and headaches. • #PaperGoods #AncientHealing #OpenSeaDesignCo

The Eastern Green #Mamba is capable of administering a deadly venomous bite, but is extremely shy. It finds solace among tree branches in tropical rainforests. We were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of one in the wild while in Kenya last year. • #Herpetology #Serpentes #SnakesofInstagram #GreetingCards #OpenSeaDesignCo

Our newest archival print, the Tree of the Soul, is our take on D.A. Freher's 1764 painting of the same name. While the original piece is a rumination on the path that guides a soul towards divine majesty, ours is a celebration of the wonders of nature. • #TreeofLife #SpiritualPower #PaperGoods #OpenSeaDesignCo

Mark the passage of time with our new #Luminaries Planner featuring sun and moon signs in gold + silver foil. Available now at the Open Sea shop, link in bio. • #WeeklyPlanner #SunRise #NightSky #Astrology #OpenSeaDesignCo

Stag beetles look fearsome, but eat mostly tree sap. Their oversized mandibles are elaborate displays, and are used in combative mating rituals. • #PaperGoods #Coleoptera #Entomology #Beetle #OpenSeaDesignCo

From our #Naturalist collection, one of our favorite moths, with one of our favorite poets. Any #Lepidoptera that you especially love? Let us know in the comments, and we might put one on a greeting card. • #SyliviaPlath #PaperGoods #LunaMoth #OpenSeaDesignCo

The Blood-red Marasmius is only found on Madagascar. Although there are over 10,000 described species of fungi, many scientists believe that there could be three—or maybe even five—times that many in the world, waiting to be discovered. • #PaperGoods #GreetingCards #Mycology #OpenSeaDesignCo

The Flirtation Guide is another tribute to the Victorians and their elegantly convoluted expressions of love. Not only were the first postage stamps created under the rule of Queen Victoria, they came with their own secret love code. The careful placement of a stamp on an envelope carried a message of its own. On the right-hand corner at a right angle: "Do you love me?" Upside-down on the corner: "I love you." • #GreetingCards #Love #OpenSeaDesignCo

Full of tannins, #Yarrow is used to reduce inflammation, treat skin wounds, and as a sedative to relieve anxiety or insomnia. The structure of the herb—firm on the outside and soft on the inside—is thought to be the perfect embodiment of yin and yang, and so sticks of yarrow have been used in divination. • #PaperGoods #AncientHealing #OpenSeaDesignCo

When the Prince of Wales (later King George IV) wanted to woo his estranged lover back, he sent her a miniature painting of his eye with the note: “P.S. I send you a parcel, and I send you at the same time an eye. If you have not totally forgotten the whole countenance, I think the likeness will strike you.” After that, bejeweled Lover's Eyes were worn as a symbol of loyalty and devotion to the person whose eye adorned the tiny painting. • #PaperGoods #LoversEye #OpenSeaDesignCo

The array of hardened skin, or callosities, on the face of this North Atlantic right whales are unique to each individual. Tiny crustaceans live among them, surviving the Open Sea by traveling from one whale to another. • #WondersofNature #Whale #OpenSeaDesignCo

These tiny edible mushrooms are about a half inch tall and grow only on rotting Douglas-fir cones. Shop our Douglas-Fir Collybia greeting card at the Open Sea Shop (link in bio). • #PaperGoods #WondersofNature #GreetingCard #OpenSeaDesignCo

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