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Open Sea Design Co.  Stationery - Design Creative Studio with a line of fine paper goods designed and printed in Brooklyn. Want to work with us? Get in touch!


We ❤️ Leslie Knope. #ladiescelebratingladies #breakfaststyle

This Sunday, from 1–7! Visit us at the @greenpointers Winter of Love Market at the Greenpoint Loft, where we’ll be selling our stationery and art prints alongside over 60 other vendors. #🖤 #Stationery #Greenpointers #OpenSeaDesignCo

Our Botanical love cards are tiny collages put together using the beautiful botanical prints of Pierre-Joseph Redouté. The Belgian painter was the court artist of Marie Antoinette, and went on to produce over 2,100 plates of flora from all across the globe. ❤️ We love love love Redouté, so we made love cards with his flowers. #valentinesday #love #redouté

Hey Jersey City friends! We’re going to be in you. Selling our wares at the amazing Til Death do Us Part II, Oddities Market. Come say hi! ✨🤘✨#jerseycityodditiesmarket #tildeath #oddities #openseadesignco

These awesome creatures have a lot of aces hidden up their sleeves. Mushrooms or more specifically the thin threads that make up the body of a mushroom, called mycelium, are responsible for a sometimes vast underground network that connects different plants with each other through their roots. Through these fungi information pathways, they share news of new pests to be wary of, nutrients, and can even sabotage unwelcome species by releasing toxic chemicals into the intruders’ roots. What else could they be hiding? Or sharing? It’s no wonder that they also pack some pretty powerful psychoactive substances. Some scholars have theorized that Amanita Muscaria (the iconic red cap toadstool in our greeting card) is the Soma mentioned in the Vedas, as well as the source of visions that inspired the earliest forms of Christianity.
From the Rigveda: “We have drunk soma and become immortal; we have attained the light, the Gods discovered.
Now what may foeman's malice do to harm us? What, O Immortal, mortal man's deception?” ✨🍄✨

Happy birthday Syd Barrett ✨ Syd was one of the founding members of Pink Floyd. He left early on but the impact of his absence was a constant force in the band, and inspired one of my favorite songs, and lyrics, of all time. Cheers to the crazy diamond, the lunatic on the grass, and the madcap 🖤

A little Saturday inspiration with the spectacular work of @fatimaronquillostudio / Don’t miss out on her Instagram page... and spot all the lover’s eyes 🖤

The Open Sea custom correspondence collection will be available next week 🖤 With our botanical collages, butterflies and moths, and a mushroom here and there 😉 We love how Italian Script works, but what other kind of font would you like us to offer?


2017 was a very special year for Open Sea. We signed up for the National Stationery show with only an idea to do a stationery line, and worked harder than we’ve ever worked before to create the line, develop our wholesale catalog, web store, and put together a trade show booth that captured the spirit of Open Sea. It was wonderful, rewarding, and exhausting 🖤 Our small line of stationery has continued to grow since and is now available in some of our favorite stores across the country. Thank you to the beautiful stationery stores that took a chance on us, and to our lovely customers for your continued support. We love you and can’t wait to show you what we have planned for 2018✨

The full result of an obsession with old apothecaries and the very interesting stories, rituals, and mysticism that surround some of our more “special” substances. The Psychedelic Pharmacy poster is printed on FSC certified archival quality paper, and is available and ready to ship on our website 🖤 #artprints #entheogens #oldstuff

What can you say with a postage stamp? ❤️🖤 #victorian #stampflirtation #pennyblack

Blue Morpho greeting card 🦋 #naturalist #bluemorpho

Part of our semi-custom wedding invitation line. Response cards for the Amethyst suite 🖤 Letterpress and 4 color on Crane’s Lettra. Order samples of all four suites on the Open Sea web shop. Link in bio👆#weddinginspo #invitationsuite #botanicalart

Midwinter 🖤 If you’re north of the equator, enjoy this long night: take some time to reflect on this past year, and at the same time, let it go. 🖤 Winter has come, but spring is now coming 🌞

Another look behind one of our pieces. The Pharmacy greeting cards and poster were inspired by the remedies and potions of years past... and their beautiful labels. We made our own. And gave them a little update 😉🍄✨🖤

The Blowout Tiger Beetle greeting card. Black offset with foil 🖤 Available online with fellow friends the Stag Beetle and Feather-Horned Longicorn. #naturalist

The Empress 🖤 Scroll to see there cards that inspired it. In order: the incredible Visconti-Sforza Tarot, Rider-Waite, Tarot de Marseille and of course, Crowley’s Thoth Tarot.✨

The High Priestess. One of the three ladies of the Tarot in our notebook series, along with Strength and The Empress. Which one would you like to see next? 🤔 Get all three at the Open Sea shop 🖤 #openseadesignco #tarot #thehighpriestess

The Blue Whale notebook. Beautifully illustrated by @travisdemello in the studio 🖤 Available at our shop! (Link in bio). Order today and get free shipping in time for Xmas! Code: KRAMPUS

“Plant your sage and rue together, the sage will grow in any weather” 🖤 Our Sage notebooks, perfect for garden notes, available at openseadesignco.com 🌿

The lover’s eye 🖤 Victorians seemed to have a preference for all things hidden and forbidden... particularly when it came to love.

Free shipping for all of your holiday orders! Use the code KRAMPUS at checkout. We’ll also include an extra gift in the form of one of our Douglas-fir Collybia greeting cards. Link in bio. Orders go out the same day they are placed!

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