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Open Press Project  The first 3D-printed printmaking press! A project by @mschneiderart. Free plans! #openpressproject

Artists all over the world are already printing for the Open Press Collection! You can still send in prints until December 31th (link in bio) I'm so excited, this is great! Thanks for sharing @montcollegeart

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We’ve got a new addition to our Printmaking department: a 3D-printed printing press from #openpressproject that we printed in our #digitalfabrication studio here on campus. Thanks @openpressproject, we’ll send you some tiny prints!!!

I'm in London! And I will be here until Christmas for a semester abroad. It's so exciting to get to know other printmakers and their studio, today I went to the @londonprintstudio and it was awesome! I would love to meet more, so if you're in town and want to meet, contact me! Maybe there will even be an opportunity to show the Open Press Collection in a gallery in London. How cool would that be?! #openpressproject #etchingpress #london #printmaking #print #press #3dprinting #reliefprint #intaglio #openpress #diy

Awesome little video by @jssdnvn about the assemby of the #openpressproject! This is super fun to watch!

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Today I assembled the @openpressproject 3d printed printing press (meta af right??). The plans for this were created by @mschneiderart and with the help of @drew_nikonowicz from @standardcameras, we got this lil dude printed! Approx 3 x 5.5in is the largest I can print on it, so let's see what I come up with! Now I have a reason to use all those tiny copper scraps... #etching #3dprinting #printmaking #opensource @printmakersopenforum

Intaglio printing on a 3D printed press! Thanks for sharing @seantheprawn! Check out her profile to see the finished print, it turned out great!

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First time pulling a print on my teeny @openpressproject press kindly 3D printed by @kev_kev_kevvv
Miniature landscape 55x83mm
💙#openpressproject #printmaking #miniatures

The Open Press Collection is all set up! You can now send me your prints until December 31th.
On March 15th 2019 I will be exhibiting artworks that are made with a 3D printed press in Cologne, Germany! And the journey doesn't stop there. Later in 2019 the collection will be presented in a museum near Cologne in combination with Open Press-workshops! I'm super excited to announce this, more events will follow soon!! It's so cool to see the presses and prints appear all over the world, thank you so much to everyone for taking part. I would like to show these artworks to even more people and that's where you come in. If you want to have your artwork travel the world and be included in exhibitions of the Open Press Collection, you can send them to me now! There are no restrictions except that the prints need to be created with a 3D printed printing press. Everything else – including the technique – is up to you!

If you want to participate, please visit my new website. Everything you need to do is summarized there: (link in bio)
Also, it would be so cool if you would share this with your friends and colleagues. Let's make this happen!

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The official website of the Open Press Project just launched! Go have a look, there are some exciting news on there: (link in bio)

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Huge thanks to @craftsanity for having me on her podcast! If you are interested to hear the story behind the Open Press Project and if you can handle my countless "uhm"s, head over to her profile or go to! :) #openpressproject #podcast #3dprinting #printmaking #linocut #print #etchingpress #press #diy #martinschneider

Yesterday I tested this colored version of the #openpressproject! Wasn't sure if it would work since the turquoise filament seems to be a bit more flexible. I'm quite happy with the results!

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Very cool to see how colors can change the character of these small 3D-printed presses! This one looks like it's made of cotton candy. It might stretch it's wings and fly away! Thanks to for sharing!

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Printed this little printmaking press for my girlfriend! A design by @mschneiderart also known as the @openpressproject! First artpieces will follow soon! #openpressproject #printmaking #etchingpress #printingpress #3Dprint #3Dprinting #MakerSpaceOnline

Super snazzy looking press by @aebeo with a very cool first print! Thank you for sharing!

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still learning the right pressure but i couldn't wait to post this lol !!!!! i love this press so much thank you @openpressproject !!!!! #printmaking #linocut #linocutprint i also need to buy a tiny blanket for the press cus right now i'm just using bad fabric and i need to make new lino cuts cus this ones a million years old !!!!!

Some of you may know that I've been working on a solution for people without access to a 3D printer. We are currently in the middle of testing different materials and designs to ensure that the press will work before we start producing them in bigger quantities. I'm not sure how much longer this will take, but I would rather invest more time on testing than selling a mediocre product. Right now I don't know how much it'll cost in the end. That depends on the material we choose and certain factors that can save printing time.
Up until now I didn't really need to invest money into the Open Press Project since it's just time I need to spend in order for it to develop and improve it. And this is actually something I really love at the moment. It really makes me so happy to see that I can help people get access to printmaking and it's so awesome to receive so much positive feedback from you!

Long story short: I just added a donation button to my website. Some of you have already felt the need to throw money at me and I certainly won't stop you :D You don't need to at all, though! This is totally optional! However right now a donation would give me the possibility to spend more time and money on testing prototypes since I need to pay the manufacturer for the test prints (he is an awesome guy btw!) So if you want to give something back (in addition to awesome prints and photos of colored presses) and want to help me make printmaking more accessible now is the time! Every donation is appreciated! I want to be as transparent as possible with this! I'm not interested in getting rich, but I need to pay my rent somehow and a little bit of money would result in more time I can spend on the project. :) The donation button can be found on my website link in bio :) Happy printing!

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The #openpressproject arrives in Hawaii! Thanks to @lizzytaber_ for sharing this. I need to set up a map and mark all the presses!

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Hand delivering this mini press to @aprilsham in Honolulu!! Thanks @openpressproject - between this my typewriter and all my crystals, TSA was pretty perplexed

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