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Unfortunately my time at Industrial Strength in Newtown is over, in the two years spent there I met some of the most colorful characters, built great friendships and learnt so much about the industry and I have all my thanks to give to that shop, and my mentor @hand_made_holes who spent time closely by my side and to @duncankst who made it all happen. Anybody needing a service whether it be a new piercing, a jewellery change or consult, I could not commend a greater shop in New South Wales, and thank you to all of my beautiful friends and clients for making it happen.

Jewellery upgrade to this beautiful 14kt gold prongset swarovski gem from a lobe piercing I did a few months ago 🌙

14kt gold upgrade on this smiley from a few months 👑

Action shot of myself piercing @bychrissavage 's industrial, was a pleasure meeting you mate 😀

Fun little faux-anti tragus from yesterday, couldn't get a clear enough shot of the back but this is essentially two separate piercings creating the illusion of one, generally heals a lot faster and smoother 😀

Slingin' opals left, right and centre boiiiii, really stoked with this one 💎

I absolutely love using opals for piercings and jewellery inserts if it isn't obvious yet 🙄 and Frankies got style! Really enjoyed piercing this conch with a cab fauxpal and upgrading her tragus to a fauxpal cluster! Lovely meeting you again @frankensensi

🍆 Pretty Purple Prium 🍇
Done at @industrialstrengthaustralia this afternoon amidst a busy day 💃

I had Ana and Peerapong come see me to get their septums pierced and they were so happy with the results 😄 I also did a dermal anchor on Ana just a few weeks ago and it's coming along nicely, thanks for coming in to see me boys! 💎

A preview of some more @bodygems solid gold threaded ends we have avaliable for fresh and healed piercings 💎

Stunning upgrade on this helix with a swarovski and white fauxpal cluster, (piercing performed elsewhere)
Fits so nice and snug 👌

Septum piercing with a 18kt gold ring and a white fauxpal captive from a few months ago 💍

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