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riccia bambina  краСОЧНАЯ история как я спортивный хостел в Италии делала / COLOURful story how i try to make a sportive hostel in Liguria (IT)

one day you wake up and realize that life is wonderful...

sky translation 💙 missu

live so easily if your horizon is open. flying heartbeat...
buona notte🌠

I like to run through the streets of the city in the morning and smell the breakfast... coffe, fresh bread, toasts, jam, juice, omelet...mmmm
if this morning you ran around my house, you smelled coffe and chestnuts... and music 🎵Fly To Sunshine🌞
have a good day, friends💙

how I had a dream. I am a co-owner of an architectural bureau and about ten years my team has realized someone's dreams. my company specializes in public interiors, most often we do projects for cafes, bars, offices, small hotels, sometimes we make private interiors. it's really a very interesting work - we start with the idea and implement it before opening. to see the result of your work is very important for any person, I realized it when I worked in a large corporation😂 So, I know how to organize the whole process to make a "super-place" from a "broken place". and I can see that if then you build a good team, this super-place will be profitable. for me the question of income has always been important - firstly I must support myself, secondly I always feel responsibility for my team - everyone has families, they need to pay rent, help relatives and so on... if they believe me (and I can always feel it), then I must think about how I will fulfill my obligations and pay them a salary. Thanks to God, people who did not believe in me never stayed with me for a long time. okay, now i can say that i know how to build not big but truly good team (only one secret - you should be on the same wave).
but now the most important thing... for WHOM I will do it? who will be my "client". for me this is the most important question in life - for whom am I doing this?! I'm very demanding, it's important for me that the one for whom I'm doing something is happy, appreciated my diligence. but it's also important for me that I get inspired... I want to see brave people around me full of life, I want to be interesting with these people and I always wanted to do more! and most importantly, I want to improve, grow and become better, I want to be a good example for someone, to share good fire!
open hostel specialized in sports audience. 1-I will be ashamed to grow fat😉, 2-I will easily build a team, because the idea is cool✌, 3-this dream is beautiful and it inspires me😊
p.s. and if you ask "why so long?" I will answer "try to do something faster HERE!"😂😂😂


Today I forced myself to run. because did not want to. I hoped that, as usual, the wings would reveal after 10 km, but no... okay. 16 km, 1-26. and that's all. I'm going to sleep. sunny daytime sleep on Saturday... yeah✌🌞

Life story of one sunset. .
for me today it was like a kiss after long working day... ...I was 25, we lived in the center of Moscow and I worked at the corporation Kia Motors... after a long day in the airless office (here I must say, I was adored and proud of my work at that time).. when I went down to the lobby of my office center and I knew that HE was waiting for me close to the door (we was young, have no cars and just rent a cozy apartments) - and THAT kiss. after a long day...

sometimes my vital force is not enough to realize, understand and accept everything that happens in my life. in these moments, I feel sorrow and fear. but when I remember WHO I really am (not a nice running girl, but a real me). why am I exactly so and who believes in me... and i keep going. i keep smiling.

Good morning!
Salty kisses from seashore🌊

I azure You 💙

wrote about the beach running in the winter time, but somehow the post and the video was deleted... okay, today I'm lazy to write again))) good night, it was a cool Monday!😊

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