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riccia bambina  краСОЧНАЯ история как я хостел в Италии делала / COLOURful story how i try to make a hostel in Liguria (IT)

harmony between. few cm less when i close my eyes.

Buonanotte friends!
When you're smiling 
When you're smiling 
The whole world smiles with you...

going to the church now. i know-i know... monday evening... HIS working day is Friday Saturday and Sunday... but we have very close relations, hope He can give me a little advice in a very important question for me... why i write here about it? because my favorite church in the mountains - i plan to run where also... yes) evening trail run. we will see...

Sage, Mint, Basilica, Pione and the Red flower. also i have famiglia Chamomile, Ms.Rosemary and big Mr.Lemon
"Sage the calm and quiet vs mint the wild and eager" ©Mr.Nose 💋

perfect Monday morning story. Home part.

perfect Monday morning story...


thanks to sport i can keep my mind clean and feel beauty every breath! i love you, sport!❤
p.s.picture from morning run

aha! super-crazy-sexy girl😂😂😂 Guys, thanks for all messages in the direct! THANK YOU for writing it only there))) p.s. today 10 km hills running + 7 min sea swimmmmming brrrrrzzzzz...
Good morning for all✌ now going to work💋

run in the night. me and my heart beat and the sea.

buongiorno a tulli! Yesterday we danced together during morning run, and then she flew away... bellezza.

perfect color of my life.. bella la vita♥

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