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Anna  Collecting cats like it's my job.

I've been a little #teaser #obsessed lately. Diamond, table top, and a straight leg teaser!

What a bush!
We probably had too much fun in Death Valley and Rhyolite considering it was 114°!

Water is necessary for life, destructive, calming, and beautiful.
Snow Canyon, Utah

We ran a 3 minute flat 800m on this morning.
What a pal.

Pilates in a dress?
I'm finishing out our national Pilates month post challenge strong! As a runner I fail to stretch my body. Pilates has been incredible for my flexibility! I can touch my toes for the first time in my life and I'm never going back to a non-toe-touching life! @cplongmont
This is my favorite series of splits on the reformer

Getting to adventure and move with you two is an incredible experience every single time.
Pond plank and teaser!

The human body is incredible! Pilates is helping me to increase my concentration, which is no easy task!

In celebration of #nationalpilatesmonth I'm practicing in a Joseph Pilates approved swimsuit. This is my corkscrew into a single leg stretch!
#cplongmont #dopilatesdolife #reformerpilates #corkscrew #fitcolorado @cplongmont

A rock is a perfect place to test your balance! This is my mid-canyon exploration teaser!

Last week my motivational boss @2ke6cosentin inspired me to attempt a headstand the same day my incredible, beautiful friend @trippali took me on a run and showed me her balanced handstands. So here I am, attacking a new challenge. Pilates gives me the strength and control to accomplish just about anything!

I can still feel myself rely on momentum to jackknife up to the exochair. I love the stretch in my low back and the incredible shake in my entire body. Mat work is humbling!

Building the powerful body I've always wanted at @cplongmont
Some glider planking into tilted single leg lunges, into snake on the reformer!